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Janeator here!

Trif has been quite busy trying to exfiltrate the Oxeye Headquarters and whatnot, so for now I’m in charge of posting on this blog! For those who don’t know me, I’ve been making maps for Cobalt for quite a long time now, and I also hang around a lot in the Cobalt IRC channel.

But that’s probably not what you are here for!
So hit that “read more” button for some…

Adventure footage!

Starting this week, for 4 weekends I’ll post something new -that you probably haven’t seen- on the blog.

Today, I present to you… The Seed! A fine Interestellar ship that Agent Cobalt will use to travel around space, or Planet Trunkopia in this case, and which will be your headquarters during this mission!
The seed is equipped with various rooms, each one with a different (perhaps sinister?) purpose.

bridgeLook at that impressive 3D display!

In the bridge you will find the ship’s computer, who also appears to be Cobalt’s only companion in this remote region of space. After 45 hard years for Cobalt, it appears the destination has finally been reached. Action, at last!
The computer doesn’t understand rolling and shooting, but you will be able to use it to check notes, write reports and consult the Galactipedia encycolpedia, for checking what that odd looking gadget you just found is!

armourySo empty… for now.

In the armoury room (which also doubles as teleport room) you’ll be able to select the weapons and shield that you feel like using in your next landing. At first it will be empty, with only a Matter Prototype in it, but as you progress in your adventure you’ll find other weapons that will then be added to the armoury.
The ominous green screen in the middle of the room will allow you to teleport to different parts of the planet where your adventure will continue.

hullsChange your looks! Also your stats.

The hulls room, located under the armoury room, will allow you to change your hull parts so that you can decide which stats to increase or decrease. This will allow you, in example, to run faster or be more resistant to certain effects.
The room also includes an upgrade station, which is useful for upgrading your weapons and equipment.

cobalt's room Having a good time.

Cobalt’s room isn’t exactly the most exciting room in The Seed, but it seems to fullfill its purpose. And I must say that Cobalt really looks to be having a good time being surrounded by plants and some good radio tunes. Is that Cobalt’s old house in the painting on the wall?

The corridor, useful for… walking?

The corridor… well saying it connects rooms pretty much sums it up. Apparently Cobalt also likes to have some plants in it as well. Nature! Neat stuff.
Also let’s not talk about the locked door.

Time’s up!

Sorry but that means this is the end of the end of this post. I hope you enjoyed reading/watching!

Be sure to tune back in during the weekends for more blog posts!

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