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For the last 4 weeks we have been doing pre-testing of the next version including adventure mode with selected community members, and so far they have reported 353 bugs/feedbacks/opinions. We have equipped the bug-spray and are now in the process of going through this. We still don’t know when this process will be done, but so far we have tested chapters 1,2,3 and 4 with 5,6 and 7 remaining.

If you didn’t watch the dev-streams, here is screenshot!


If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to comment!

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#Cobalt Game Jam 1 Games http://www.oxeyegames.com/cobalt-game-jam-1-games/ http://www.oxeyegames.com/cobalt-game-jam-1-games/#comments Sun, 21 Sep 2014 13:16:17 +0000 thewreck http://www.oxeyegames.com/?p=1769 COBALT


The games have been made

Hair has been torn

The games must be played

Good times are born

sub-themes: Cat, Slime, Arcade, RTS, Shooter, Fast

Party Popper

by Snade


An evil eye is out to destroy every balloon it can find! You play the eye and obviously your goal is to destroy balloons

Download .jar (crossplatform) :
Download linux (.tar) :
Download mac OSX(.app) :
Download windows(.exe) :
Just download it and play :)
Download .jar (crossplatform)
Download linux (.tar)
Download mac OSX (.app)
Download windows (.exe)
Just download it and play :)

Evil dice simulator 2014 : GOTY edition

by Kilmano


Evil dice simulator 2014 : GOTY edition is an evil game that is about rolling a dice and getting a high score. The game contains multiple easter eggs and will save your progress so you can always come back and enjoy your game.

(progress is saved when the ending line is on screen)

Download windows(.exe)

Screens: 1, 2

When you run the game for the first time, type anything but load.
Also, do not place on desktop.

Kitty Clickiller

by TP


Here we go I got up early and here`s the result of ~4h of Coding Fun:

You wanted an evil game you got yourself an evil game. Click to feel like a monster. Click more to feel even worse. Right click to hire minions to do the dirty work for you.

Made using the löve2d lua engine
For Windows just download the Executable extract and run it. For Mac OS, Linux etc. download the .love and check the Löve2D homepage for more information on how to run it on your system.



by RayKatz

Catshooting cat tanks of the Catocalypse! Or atleast it was supposed to be that way…

Download windows (.exe)

This game is broke to hell. Read the readme.

What I learned over the duration of the jam:

  • use version control
  • don’t learn and use a new plugin while developing under time pressure

Goolord Rex: Destroyer, Annihilator, Cat?

by Rian


I only had a couple of hours to make it so it’s unfinished at best, and there are no sounds. It’s written in Scala (so it runs on the JVM and should work on mac, linux and windows) as functional and pure as I can handle. The graphics are done with Swing. The game is a shooter with a twist. You catch enemies with slimeballs and collect them to get points. The more points you have the more difficult it gets. You have a limited amount of ammo, but you can retrieve every slimeball, so don’t let them fall. I think the theme Evil is currently only present in its difficulty, but the themes Cat, Slime, Arcade, Shooter and Fast are definitely included.


by Peter Goode (mrexcessive)


HTML5 game, so should work on most things.

So… only discovered your compo yesterday evening… Spent about 6 hours I think total. Construct2 great for prototyping.

Hopefully while provide 90 seconds of fun!

Quest for Evil

by Jan SedivyJaneator and NameIsNotName

screenshot (1)

Incarnate the divine hero of truth in his quest to destroy the source of all evil in the world

Play in browser (html5)



by DolanCZ “the most not programing guy on Cobalt IRC”.

It’s a basic console game I created just for fun, since I am not able to do advanced stuff, just because I don’t know how. I am really noob in this, but since any game counts, I joined this community event!

Download windows (.exe)

(There is a bonus file there too)

When you discover the main theme of this game, it’s really easy to finish it. Plus it is kinda only for people that know Oxeye with some inside stuff around this community.

You can finish this game in less than 2 minutes if you are fast.

“This game is just some fool’y things put together in 2 days” – Have fun!

Evil Sheep Game

Samuel “MrOverkill” Meyers

I was a little over-ambitious with this one, but i’ll apply fixes to it and make it work better as time goes by.

This is a game where you gather crap from the good sheep and throw it at the evil sheep so they don’t turn your good sheep evil.

The game is written in Java, with python scripting making up the gameplay. It’s also public domain, so modify it all you like. :)

Git Hub page (source code)

Download Game Link


by Ivan Becker Druckman


No highscores system yet, D:. You’re a brick throwing robot, the main objective is to kill as many people as you can with bricks. Try to get a bunch of points!

Download windows (.exe)

Super Insane Robot Demolition TV

By Isogash


It’s a TV show about destroying innocent robots with vast arrays of missiles. You are that robot, good luck! Can you beat your peers in the missile dodgey game of the century?

Download windows (.exe)

Closing Words:

I would like to thank everyone that participated in this Jam! It was really fun to see so many people never having made games before finding the courage to try! I would also like to thank everyone that streamed during the event, it really created a feeling of cohesion, it was as if we were all sitting in the same room working on things… Finally, I would like to thank everyone that helped others out during this event. Thank you all!


Had a really good time during the game jam!

It’s been a long time since I had done anything artistic (other than mapping :D ) and I feel proud of the results, really enjoyed the time I spent making it.

Thanks again to JanSedivy for pulling me into teaming up with him, and for all the code he’s done!

Also thanks to NameIsNotName for the track :)

Hopefully we will soon release a “full” version of the game!


We will not judge any games, but if you feel like nominating games for one of the event categories (see below) or if you want to write a lovely review, please feel free to do so in the comments section.


  • Most surprising dialogue
  • Most interesting lag
  • Least graphics
  • Most use of words starting with E
  • Highest jump
  • Longest health bar
  • Most disturbing mouse cursor
  • Worst interpretation of theme
  • Broadest diversity
  • Highest button presses per minute
  • Best use of 3,141592653589793.
  • Smallest sprites
  • Most convoluted use of theme.
  • Best optimization of f,u and n.


We do not take responsibility for any damage that could occur to your computers by playing any games!

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#Cobalt Game Jam 1 http://www.oxeyegames.com/cobalt-game-jam-1/ http://www.oxeyegames.com/cobalt-game-jam-1/#comments Thu, 18 Sep 2014 11:48:28 +0000 thewreck http://www.oxeyegames.com/?p=1709 UPDATE!

Deadline has now been reached and that means we are closing the submission bag! (LIBRUS: just slide your game in under the door, noone will know!)


Due to popular demand in the #cobalt channel, the deadline has been extended by 2 hours!


Hello! Since I know many people need an excuse to make a game, we’re going to give you one! We’re hosting a mini game jam in the #cobalt channel on Espernet today! We guarantee

  • No particular amount of exposure!
  • No pressure!
  • No spectacular prices!
  • Lots of fun!
  • A learning experience!


#Cobalt Game Jam 1

Start Date:

Thursday 2014 – 09 – 18, 18:00 CET

End Date:

Sunday 2014 – 09 – 21, 12:00 14:00 CET



Optional Sub-themes:

Cat, Slime, Arcade, RTS, Shooter, Fast

This is for anyone who wants to make a game. If you don’t know how to make a game, maybe today is the day you learn how! Rules:

  1. Game cannot be started before announcement of theme.
  2. Game must be submitted before jam ends. Submit by posting a comment to this post
  3. We have final say as to which games get posted in the final post
  4. Judging will be done by the world at large. We will not rate any submissions.

Categories: While we will not be judging any games, here are some suggested categories to aim for:

  • Most surprising dialogue
  • Most interesting lag
  • Least graphics
  • Most use of words starting with E
  • Highest jump
  • Longest health bar
  • Most disturbing mouse cursor
  • Worst interpretation of theme
  • Broadest diversity
  • Highest button presses per minute
  • Best use of 3,141592653589793.
  • Smallest sprites
  • Most convoluted use of theme.
  • Best optimization of f,u and n.

Submission must contain:

  • Name of the game.
  • Link to game (all kinds of platforms/tech allowed)
  • Special instructions if needed. (how to get it working)
  • Description
  • Author(s)
  • Link to screenshot
  • OPTIONAL: Your best learning points from the jam! What do you now know, that you wish you had known before?

Jam schedule:

  • Thursday – Suggest themes in the comment field below.
  • Thursday 15:00 CET – Theme is selected by us. This post is updated to contain the theme.
  • Thursday 18:00 CET - Jam Start.
  • Submit your finished game by posting the above requirements as a comment to this post.
  • Sunday 12:00 14:00 CET – Jam End. (Submit your game before Jam Ends!)
  • All finished and submitted games are posted in a new announcement post on this blog along with attributions to the author(s), including the screenshots, descriptions and instructions.
  • The games are played!
  • Comments and nominations for categories are then made by everyone in the new post.
  • Done!

Have fun! Use the #cobalt channel on espernet to chat about your progress!


Bring out your tools!

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Mojang under new ownership – where does that leave Cobalt? http://www.oxeyegames.com/mojang-under-new-ownership-where-does-that-leave-cobalt/ http://www.oxeyegames.com/mojang-under-new-ownership-where-does-that-leave-cobalt/#comments Mon, 15 Sep 2014 13:56:26 +0000 admin http://www.oxeyegames.com/?p=1701 As all of you know we’re developing Cobalt in partnership with Mojang and throughout the process they’ve provided us with much needed support – they’ve provided us with a place to work, they helped us find and form our partnership with Fatshark AB to port the game to console, they helped us in our talks with the owners of the major game consoles currently on the market, they helped us show the game at Pax and at all three Minecons just to name a few business-y things. But first and foremost they’ve made us feel at home in the Mojang family and we’ve made friends for life working with them.

The change in ownership of Mojang does not affect this partnership. Our deal still stands.
At Oxeye we’re always optimists. We hope and believe that Microsoft sees and understands all the good things that Mojang and Minecraft stands for, that they understand the importance of the awesome community that has gathered around Minecraft and Mojang and sees what aspects of the brand and the company that are essential for it to continue to thrive: Open, honest communication and free reigns for the developers.

To Notch: We hope that this deal will help you get some peace of mind and that it will help you find your creative spark again. It’s probably always been there but we understand that the amount of attention you’ve gained since the start of Minecraft can act as a major mind-blocker!
Everything we do in life affect our surroundings and our fellow human beings. With your creation you’ve helped MILLIONS of kids and adults choose creativity and innovation over sometimes mindless entertainment. That is going to have an impact on our society for a long time to come.
Be proud of that! Go forth and prosper!


http://www.oxeyegames.com/mojang-under-new-ownership-where-does-that-leave-cobalt/feed/ 6
Intel Report: Actor Emergency http://www.oxeyegames.com/intel-report-actor-emergency/ http://www.oxeyegames.com/intel-report-actor-emergency/#comments Wed, 23 Jul 2014 20:57:57 +0000 Trif http://www.oxeyegames.com/?p=1686 Well, you know what they say: Two heads are probably better than one!

Which is why each infiltration mission is carried out by two operatives. Oftentimes you’ll never see the other operative, as they’re only for emergencies, backup, moral support and cookie dispensary.

But why am I telling you this? Agent Trif has been captured, yes, and it is up to me, FabiotheTurtle, to make sure our mission is seen through! And probably save him, but that’s later.

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yes.

The devs are back from holiday! There was about three weeks between their last streaming session, but now they’re totally back in the development groove.

The last set of streams held near the beginning of July heralded some nice bits of goodies. I was there to witness the whole thing happening, but Trif was carrying the camera and all, and with the whole captured thing… I got no pictures.

What I can recount for you however, is that there is a lot more content to be coming along soon. For the mappers out there, this includes a bunch of new tilesets, functions and even a few actors or two. For the “playtesters”, this just means there’s more stuff to play around with!

Now, what specifically can I tell you about?

“Boss” Fights

Strewn throughout the main adventure will be various instances in which, in other games, would indicate maybe a large mech dropping from the ceiling, a sudden dramatic music change and perhaps the restriction of a core game mechanic. This is not the case, except maybe that large mech thing…

Certain actors are intrinsically more powerful than other actors, as anybody who’s faced off against several Ninjas or even a Metalface will tell you. If they’re sufficiently geared up, they become even harder to kill, requiring elaborate strategy and thought.

Especially when they’re riding jetbikes.
Especially when they’re riding jetbikes.

Here’s an example that segues nicely into my next topics. Strictly speaking, that picture was taken from the livestream that happened not long ago, and is possibly still happening right now. Frankly, there are a lot of things going on in this image, so let’s break it down.

That half-Metalface half–Porygon looking thing is called a Metaldroid. Metaldroids are similar to your run-of-the-mill Metalface, but lack the empathy and compassion that only human brains will supply. They are ruthless killer machines, capable of everything a Metalface can do, but more menacingly. Watch out for these guys. There are a few more actors to keep an eye out for as well, but you’ll have to wait for those.

Actor Piloting

The keen-eyed and mapmakers among you will notice that part of the Metaldroids actor data, it’s actor mode is set to “pilot.” In this image, the Metaldroid is the pilot of the Jetbike, meaning that it will spawn in the map riding the Jetbike. This is available to a vast range of actors, and there are a few different actors that can be ridden.

The complete list is unknown, but I will tell you this: Hamsters and Wasps are capable of being ridden. You may not believe me, but you weren’t there man. There was so much destruction, so much debris. I’d never seen so much oil. What’s worse, is both actors are capable of firing and targeting independently of each other. Keep that in mind!

I also hear there’s a way to tame wild Hamsters to let you ride them, but it sounds a wee bit dangerous to me…

New Items

In my surveillance of Agent Trif’s antics, I managed to see a small array of new explosives being developed. Whilst I only saw one in action, I can only assume the damage they do.

Molotov Cocktails are becoming a thing, and they seem to be the answer to the previously introduced Nitrogen Grenade. Upon detonation, they release a burst of flames along the ground into your unsuspecting foes feet, and heating them up. Dynamite is ready too, which probably creates a bigger boom than your standard grenade. Or maybe not! Who knows.

On top of that, item selection has an improved interface, in which upgrades now show the max amount that they can have.

"I like this" - FabiotheTurtle
“I like this” —FabiotheTurtle

Other than that, the developers have now officially entered 100% production mode, meaning new content is not really going to be created, but rather their full attention is being directed at Adventure Mode and it’s pending release.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go rescue Trif. Yell if you see anything.

Even top–class industrial intelligence thieves can enjoy a good summer vacation. As a result, the next Intel Report will probably be in the middle of August, after which they will return to normal schedule. Keep an eye on the official Twitter account and have a Cobalty summer, people of the Northern Hemisphere—and a chill winter to you southeners!

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Anosou Interview (And Stream Details!) http://www.oxeyegames.com/anosou-interview/ http://www.oxeyegames.com/anosou-interview/#comments Thu, 12 Jun 2014 22:37:47 +0000 Trif http://www.oxeyegames.com/?p=1683 You asked, I tied, he responded.

A while ago, I asked you for questions for anosou, the composer of Cobalt’s soundtrack, and you didn’t let me down: Though persistent in his efforts to safeguard the secrets of his digital magic, your excellent questions and my trusty rope got a few words out of him. As promised in the latest Intel Report, here are the answers!

So, How Do You Music?

To begin, could you briefly introduce yourself to the uninitiated?

My name is Mattias, composer and appreciator of video game music born in ‘89. By day I work at Propellerhead Software, creators of much cool music software. By night I write video game music, play Magic: The Gathering and eat various things.

Ah, actually I have two of your company’s products, haha. First up then, the obvious question that has been asked by many: How do you make your music? (Tools, workflow etc.)

It’s a hard question to answer thoroughly. I create all my music in Reason, incidentally made by the company where I work. I actually got the job there because I used Reason so much! The creative process starts and ends there with just some headphones, a laptop and a MIDI keyboard.

I’ve played piano for numerous years so I compose mainly by hammering keys in different ways. Everything from actual piano to drums is me hammering away! I love exploring sounds too and have tons of different patch libraries and Rack Extensions (plug-ins for Reason). I often start with a preset sound and then tweak it a little bit to become what I want.

What made you choose the style for Cobalt’s music, and what do you think defines it?

I think it started out as Oxeye sending me a Com Truise song and saying “This is awesome”. After that a lot of the sounds I used are reminiscent of what he’s doing. He’s got that 80s retro feel, using a lot of sounds from old synths and samplers. Specifically I’ve found Fairlight samples to work great! But I mix all this up pretty heavily with ambiences and even ethno/folk vibes and pure techno. I always try to be versatile as it keeps things interesting.

What artist or source do you find most inspiration from for Cobalt’s soundtrack?

Well, like I said, Com Truise defined a lot of the sounds. Otherwise I’m mostly inspired by whatever I’m listening to currently. Since I have quite an eclectic taste in music this varies greatly.

Do you have a favorite Cobalt track?

I’m partial to the menu track, as are we all. :)

Where can you buy the soundtrack?

Nowhere! Yet.

Aww. Are there plans to create more songs for the game? Will there be new music for the Adventure mode?

I can’t really answer that to be honest. I’ve been enormously busy at Propellerhead and the Oxeye guys have been super busy too. We’ll see!

Well, at least it’s not a ‘no’. Now, for some reason we’ve received a few food related questions too! What’s your top “I’m going to make awesome music today!” breakfast?

I almost never eat breakfast. A habit I wouldn’t recommend to anyone.

Ah. Another one! On average, how much “work related caffeine” do you ingest per hour?

It’s not so much a “per hour” thing but much caffeine is ingested. I go through cycles of different caffeine habits too, one month it’s all about energy drinks while another I brew my own Yerba Mate in a traditional gourd. As long as it keeps me awake, I like it.

The community has quite a few creative musicians. Any tips for the more or less experienced magicians-in-training out there?

Create more music! Never stop! The only way to get better is to keep creating music. Also, try to get involved with other musicians. One of the reasons I do what I do is because of my involvement in ocremix.org, remixing video game music. It’s a thriving community of musicians from the lowest to highest level. I got a lot of feedback and training doing that and I believe it made me a much better composer.

Finally, the most important question: If I don’t have enough Thingybob, how do I add more Fairlight?

Flick the switch!

Fine, You’ve Passed

While a digital pet bard does sound appealing, I was nice enough to let him go in the end. Quite a cooperative subject!

Remember to check out the Mapmania Livestream this Saturday, starting at 12:00 UTC+2! With the Duke and myself as your hosts, nothing can go wrong! …Or maybe everything, but hey, we’ll have fun! We’ll be reviewing more maps than you knew existed including all of the MapJam submissions, and perhaps we’ll do a little contest or two—with prizes, naturally! We’ll be streaming all day, so feel free to check in when you can. The map list will be ordered randomly and put in the stream description so you can get an estimate of when your favorite community maps are played. Follow the stream to get an email when it starts!

Until then!

Disclaimer: The Mapmania Livestream is a fan event, not an official Oxeye event. Horrendous accents will be broadcast, terrible jokes will be made, and faces will be imploded.

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Intel Report: Nothing Like Home http://www.oxeyegames.com/intel-report-nothing-like-home/ http://www.oxeyegames.com/intel-report-nothing-like-home/#comments Sun, 01 Jun 2014 22:59:55 +0000 Trif http://www.oxeyegames.com/?p=1657 Summer at last! We made it! Put on your stainless swimsuits and enjoy the weather!

Unless you’re a winter person like your trusty information snatcher, of course. How about we stay inside and take a look at some new Adventure hotness instead?

I bring lots of delicious screenshots and a bit of accompanying banter today—and perhaps a little secret hidden somewhere in the article.

Looks inviting, don't you think?
Looks inviting, don’t you think?

Before we get buried deeply in Adventure mechanics and whatnot, take a look at the green stuff in that picture. No, not the lights. Look to the right. See that gooey waste? I know you like shiny things, but don’t touch that. Perhaps you know that radioactivity has been in the game for a little while now, but like unstable atoms decay into new nuclides, this feature has changed quite a bit. Getting in contact with radioactive material will gradually and randomly impair your movement, and attacking others physically will spread the green fun! Note that non–organic enemies will not meet their demise from radiation alone. It’s probably not the best idea to get in a fistfight with a radioactive robot that doesn’t have the brains to die from it—especially not if you’re not armed with a Nano Dispenser to cure your greenness.

See that droplet? thewreck didn't.
See that droplet? thewreck didn’t.

Purple Rave

Previously an industrial settlement at the very edge of technology itself, Rocket City has deteriorated to a wasteland for droids on the verge of extinction—That is my theory, but the history of the area still seems a bit cloudy. For now, we can at least investigate the current state of affairs a bit closer. Let’s enter the Rocket Saloon!

And I'm too shiny to talk to you!
And I’m too shiny to talk to you!

Looks familiar? Oh dear, it’s the shady hideout from last time! Oxeye wizards, what have you done to this place?! …Ah. They’ve added life.

His favorite song is playing; don't disturb him!
His favorite song is playing; don’t disturb him!

These purple–eyed robots don’t seem too happy to talk. Life really has to be tough in these parts. But look, our new friends have names! And more intelligence! Here’s a fellow that doesn’t want hugs:

Ah, such a sweet home this is!
Ah, such a sweet home this is!

Guess what happens if the scum doesn’t keep its distance? Your wonderful friends will dance with you! Or, you’ll be the one doing the dancing. To the beat of their bullets. While running for your life or perhaps ridding the entire city of whatever robotic beings remain. I wonder how long it’ll take before someone declares war on the entire universe and exterminates all life from Adventure mode.

Home Is Where The Guns Are

Rest assured that you’ll still have a place to take refuge even if you manage to disturb the tense peace in the saloon. Digging around in the architectural plans, I found something very interesting: Serving as the hub between Adventure mode levels is nothing less than your own spaceship!

Now this is a real sweet home!
Now this is a real sweet home!

Throughout your space conquest, you’ll undoubtedly stumble upon weapons of various types, and carrying all of them would be like someone stashing 2304 cubic meters of dirt in their pockets—I mean, who’d do that?! Luckily, you’re going to have an entire ship to store your collected tools of destruction in. Offensive assets aren’t all there’s to it, though:

I've always dreamed of having an elevator in my room!
I’ve always dreamed of having an elevator in my room!

Before entering a level, you can equip appropriate weapons, shields, hulls etc. to maximize your chances of success. This doesn’t just apply to Adventure maps, though: Can’t beat that tough Challenge node? Gear up and return to it once you’re properly prepared!

Your ship isn’t fully ready, though. These pictures are from prototypes, but you should get the idea from it—Grab your gear, stare at the big display thoughtfully, and jump into a level!

In Other News

In the previous report, I asked you what you thought about the upcoming mode’s life mechanics. Thank you for your replies! I’ve injected every single comment in the researchers’ idea logs, and it seems they’ve found a proper solution. You expect me to tell you the result? Hah, that’ll be a surprise for later! It’s not like I don’t know yet. Not at all.

You’ve helped me out with something else too, however! I asked via Twitter and Facebook what you’d ask Cobalt’s lead musician, anosou, if you had the chance, and I got plenty of brilliant suggestions! I’ve strapped him to a chair, but he’s not quite talking yet… Maybe I need to remove the gag from his mouth. He shouldn’t last more than a week though, so keep an eye on the blog for the interview!

Finally, don’t forget the Mapmania livestream I’m hosting with the Duke on June 14! Community member Janeator has even started a map jam for the stream with the theme ‘colorful’, and the entries already look dazzling! Check this thread for more information!

See you soon with a hopefully more cooperative musician!

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June 14: Mapmania Livestream http://www.oxeyegames.com/june-14-mapmania-livestream/ http://www.oxeyegames.com/june-14-mapmania-livestream/#comments Wed, 21 May 2014 19:29:49 +0000 Trif http://www.oxeyegames.com/?p=1652 Here’s a stream you don’t want to swim against.

In the latest Intel Report, I mentioned that I’ll be doing a map reviewing stream with the Duke soon. The battle plan has been discussed, and we’re ready to announce the stream officially!

Awesome poster by Catlinman!
Awesome poster by Catlinman!

Join us Saturday the 14th of June for a day full of maps, rolling, and Danish accents! We’ll play as many community maps as we can and discuss them live, so if you want us to play your map, leave a comment below with the link or post in the forum thread!

Time and other details will be announced once we get closer to the event. Also remember to keep an eye out on the blog for the June issue of the Intel Reports! Will we get a chance to dive into the creation process of Cobalt’s splendid soundtrack? I don’t even know myself! See you soon!

(Note: This event is fan–made, and while it is endorsed by the developers, they are not directly involved. But who knows? Maybe they’ll pop by and say hi!)

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Intel Report: Adventure Time! http://www.oxeyegames.com/intel-report-adventure-time/ http://www.oxeyegames.com/intel-report-adventure-time/#comments Sun, 04 May 2014 01:13:27 +0000 Trif http://www.oxeyegames.com/?p=1638 I apologize for the delay. I’m nailed to my chair, spending my days and nights writing the final assignments of my current education. Thank you for your patience!

It’s all starting to pay off.

In the beginning of my hobbyist hackery, I managed to uncover tidbits of information about the various versus game modes of Cobalt. While exciting, it wasn’t truly what I was searching for. But today, let’s talk a bit about the dark secret of the Oxeye Labs:

Adventure mode.

I spy with my little eye, a robot circuit for me to fry... Work in progress.
I spy with my little eye, a robot circuit for me to fry… Work in progress.

Peeking in the researcher logs, I’ve learned that a lot of work is being put into the upcoming console port of Cobalt, and networked multiplayer is progressing steadily too. A lot of code restructuring is happening to speed up development, but the next big step for Cobalt is receiving some love too!

In case you missed it in the previous report, the game will be entering the beta phase once the first part of the Adventure mode is shiny enough to be thrown at us. The above screenshot is an early picture of an area outside Trunkopolis, which we’ll soon enough be able to explore in our beloved metallic hulls ourselves! The question is: How much affection can one associate with a Metalface?

In the Adventure mode, quite a lot. As opposed to the more disposable ‘Faces of the versus modes, this long anticipated game mode will feature persistent characters. The adventure consists of several chapters containing stages. While the important bits are the Adventure maps themselves, some events will be based on existing game modes such as Deathmatch or Challenge (For this article, let’s call these ’special events’.), and winning these will make it rain with volts! Or, at least, you’ll earn volts. Water and electricity don’t mix well, even on distant planets in the future. The (hopefully dry) volts and perhaps other rewards can be used to upgrade your character which you’ll be using in the normal Adventure stages.

Robots Aren’t Forever

I did write “persistent characters“, didn’t I? That’s right—In Adventure, you’ll join forces with other fellow Metalfaces! The research data seems to indicate that you’ll get to pick from your available characters at the beginning of each stage. This way, you can have several builds for different situations. The more, the merrier!

Robots don’t last forever, though. There will be a life stock system to add a bit of challenge to the whole deal. Easy is boring. How many chances will you have? I found two possible plans while digging:

Plan A: There is a global life counter like in many platformers. Losing a life will let you respawn in the same stage, but you’re kicked out of it if you’re wrecked all the way down to 0 lives. At this point, you can still enter stages, but dying will instantly kick you out, forcing you to restart the entire stage. Additional lives can be acquired throughout the stages and special events, so if you run out, you can clear some side missions to get a few more chances.

Plan B: There is a set amount of lives per stage, possibly starting at 3. Lose them all, and you’ll have to restart. While you cannot gain additional lives, you can find upgrades that extend your amount of lives per stage.

Since special events are not Adventure maps but special stages in which you gain unlockables and other rewards, these do not consume any lives—feel free to keep trying for that win! There may be small rewards for clearing a special event again, but nothing’s entirely certain here.

Personally, I’m not too sure of what I’d prefer—I have a tiny idea, but I want to hear your opinion! While I usually just steal information, it is technically possible to modify it too. Heh. Heheheh.

A shady hideout in a shady city.
A shady hideout in a shady city.

This screenshot shows a hideout in Rocket City: The city of Blasters, explosives, and edgy characters. Perhaps a bit like a sci–fi downtown New York City. I wouldn’t know, I haven’t been to downtown New York City. Or to a sci–fi world for that matter. Nevertheless, you should trust no one in Rocket City, for while the inhabitants are somewhat peaceful, there is a dark atmosphere of tension here. Be at the wrong place at the wrong time, and you may just get your poor Metalface into an unnecessarily bad situation…

These snippets of information from the Adventure sound extremely promising to me! I can’t wait to snatch a prototype and see it myself. As a fun fact, Adventure was actually the main purpose of creating Cobalt according to the official statements of Oxeye. Multiplayer wasn’t part of the plan, but it worked so well, it became a primary point of focus while establishing a solid foundation for the story mode.

Meanwhile, In A Parallel Universe

Some readers just don’t know patience. Some of those decide to take matters in own hands. APirateHat is one of them, and he decided to write the report for me. I did say I want to write about community things outside reports, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some here too!

“Hello and welcome dear readers to this Intel Report. As there is NO news about Cobalt this time I’ll instead tell you guys about something else. Clobat, the game by the amazing APirateHat has finally been released and boy is it great. APirateHat has been struggling for months to bring you this masterpiece and when you play it you will really wonder how he could just give this out for free.

The game is packed with content that will last for about 10 minutes depending how smart you are. The artstyle is just beautiful, each one of the characters hand drawn in Paint. Not to mention the puzzles which are quite hard. I actually had to THINK! Who could imagine that a game that comes out in this day and age actually has puzzles.

Other news, APirateHat might bring you his next game soon™. Rumour has it the game will be called “Cobakt”. I really hope this is true because I just can’t get enough of his games.

The end.”

Hmm. This isn’t that far off from what a review written by myself would look like, although we fortunately do have news about Cobalt. Get the brilliant adventure game Clobat for free at the Cobalt Vault!

Meanwhile, In An Intersecting Universe

What else is happening? Well, players are breathing. Next to that, they’re mapping! The Cobalt Vault has seen quite a few new maps recently, and one of them is by the Duke himself! When I asked him to describe it, he said it was “so awesome that your great great grandma knitted a sweater about it.” Well, he doesn’t lack confidence. Calor Shrine is a pretty map, and it’s also pretty fun to play! It’s maybe a bit too big, though, but here’s an important lesson: If even the Duke can map, so can yo–

*sound of frying pan hitting face*

“Map is amazing. Big is good. Go download at discount. Wait, no, just download. Duke doesn’t do discount!”

Uh… That hurt.

Calor Shrine by DUKE.
Calor Shrine by DUKE.

Either way, keep an eye out on the blog! We’re entering exciting times, soon transitioning into beta and unlocking the brilliance of adventuring in Cobalt. Of course, we cannot do that without a little community party.

As if that isn’t enough, I am planning a Saturday map reviewing stream with the Duke! The date has not been decided yet, but we’re going to team up and play some Cobalt multiplayer, reviewing as many of the cool community maps as we can live! You can suggest maps in the forum thread here or in the comments below. Also, remember to write what you think of the plans for Adventure! Which plan would you enjoy the most? Stay tuned for more information and fun times. Until then!

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