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Under Evaluation

Library Type Problem/Suggestion Comment


Library Type Problem/Suggestion Comment
physics bug/feature Re-use of body id's within the physics engine. An app will after long usage with creation and deletion of bodies start to print out warning messages Fixed in DaisyMoon 1.1.0
gui feature A way to set focus to an element Added element:setFocus() for edit fields in DaisyMoon 1.1.0
daisy feature A way to restart the app from a command. Added daisy.resetGame() in DaisyMoon 1.1.0
daisy feature output from print cannot be removed without restarting game. Would be awesome with a function to clear that printout Added daisy.clearPrint() in DaisyMoon 1.1.0
network missing functionality Hosts cannot disconnect individual clients Added network:disconnectClient(id) in DaisyMoon 1.1.0


Library Type Problem/Suggestion Comment
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