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This is a list of games that are currently using Daisymoon:

Jet Engine Nights

Project Status:


Jet Engine Nights is as much of a tribute to movie-directors like Tony Scott, producers like Bruckheimer & Simpson and 80's nostalgia as it is to people with a good taste in games. The emotional aim of the game is to convey the same sense of drama and tempo of a good 80's movie.

The game is 100% controlled with the mouse, and features both multiplayer action and a campaign which can be played both alone and cooperatively over network. The campaign puts the player(s) faced with an evolving conflict between the Warsaw Pact, Nato and Sweden. Friends will be made, missions will be executed and lives will be lost, but in the end, will the Swedish threat be thwarted, and will the peace beteen NATO and the Warsaw Pact last, and can our hero(s) finally come to peace with their inner demons? The multiplayer action will pit the three teams against each other in zones of conflict where classic movie objectives such as airspace violation, surgical bombing and air superiority will be featured.


Jetenginenights1.jpg Jetenginenights2.jpg Jetenginenights3.jpg Jetenginenights4.jpg Jetenginenights5.jpg Jetenginenights6.jpg


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