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video.renderRectangle(x, y, width, height, a, r, g, b)

This method renders a rectangle on the screen with corners at (x, y) and (x + width - 1, y + height - 1), using an ARGB color.

Parameter Expected Type Description
x An integer The left edge of the rectangle, inclusive.
y An integer The top edge of the rectangle, inclusive.
width An integer The width of the rectangle.
height An integer The height of the rectangle.
a An integer The alpha component of the color, with 0 as transparent and 255 as opaque.
r An integer The red component of the color.
g An integer The green component of the color.
b An integer The blue component of the color.

Returns nothing.

Daisymoon Video Lib


   -- fill screen with blue
   local w,h = video.getScreenSize()
   video.renderRectangle(0, 0, w, h, 255, 0, 0, 128)
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