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video.renderSpriteStateFay(spriteId, x, y[, scale[, angle[, a, r, g, b]]])

Deprecated This is a special render method that was introduced when we made Because it's fun, Fay. It works just like the normal sprite state render method, except that it rotates the sprite 90 degrees counter-clockwise and then mirrors the texture. Though you are welcome to use this method if you want (we will not remove it from the library), we recommend that you use the renderSpriteStateFreeShape method instead, since you can use it to create the same effect (with the help of getSpriteStateSize and getSpriteStateHotspot).

Parameter Expected Type Description
spriteId An integer The sprite ID.
x A number The x coordinate for the sprite's hotspot.
y A number The y coordinate for the sprite's hotspot.
scale Optional number The scale of the sprite, defaults to 1.0.
angle Optional number The angle (rotation) of the sprite, measured in radians. The sprite will rotate around its hotspot.
a Optional integer The alpha component of the diffuse color. Use this to blend the sprite with the background.
r Optional integer The red pigment of the diffuse color, defaults to 255.
g Optional integer The green pigment of the diffuse color, defaults to 255.
b Optional integer The blue pigment of the diffuse color, defaults to 255.

Returns nothing.

Daisymoon Video Lib


No examples for deprecated methods.

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