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video.renderText(text, x, y[, alignment[, font[, a, r, g, b]]])

Renders a text string on the screen using an optional font.

Parameter Expected Type Description
text A string The text to render.
x An integer The screen x coordinate.
y An integer The screen y coordinate.
alignment Optional integer The alignment of the text, relative to (x, y). Default is 0, which means left alignment (text will be rendered to the right of the x coordinate). Set this value to 1 for centered alignment, or 2 for right alignment. In all cases, the y coordinate is the text's upper position.
font Optional string The path and filename of the font if you want to use another than the default one.
a Optional integer The text color's alpha component.
r Optional integer The text color's red component.
g Optional integer The text color's green component.
b Optional integer The text color's blue component.

Returns nothing.

Daisymoon Video Lib


   video.renderText("Left-aligned text", 100, 100)

   video.renderText("Centered text", 100, 120, 1)

   video.renderText("Right-aligned text", 100, 140, 2)

   video.renderText("Red text", 100, 160, 0, "font.fnt", 255, 255, 0, 0)
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