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spawnBuilding(type, x, y[, progress])

Places a new building in the game. The "type" parameter is the string ID of the building, which is "SPARKPRODUCER", "SPARKMOVER", "HARVESTER", "DEFENSETOWER", "MISSILETURRET", "EAGLEUPGRADE" and "TEMPESTUPGRADE" for the seven default buildings. Check the creativeBuildings.txt file in the sandbox folder to find the creative buildings' ID strings.

The "progress" parameter is used to define whether the building should be in a construction box or completed. The default is 1.0, which means it will be placed completed. Values less than 1.0 will place a construction box instead, with a certain amount of energy already.

Parameter Expected Type Description
type Number The building identifier name to spawn.
x Number The x world coordinate.
y Number The y world coordinate.
progress Number The progress in percent from 0 to 1.

Returns nothing.

Harvest Library


-- Place a half-completed eagle turret in the game
harvest.spawnBuilding("EAGLEUPGRADE", 0, 0, 0.5)


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