Survival Real-Time Strategy Game with Epic Proportions
You must build your base, gather resources and fend off endless hordes of aliens. The game uses a highly optimized engine perfectly suited for epic battles with literally thousands of enemies!
Unique Resource Management that Requires Planning and Creative Thinking
The fragile balance between harvesting, energy production and base defenses requires planning and creative strategies. The energy must be linked to your buildings, the minerals must be reached and your harvesters must be protected. Will you be able to handle it all? Will you findan optimal solution? Is there one?!
Beautiful Rendered 2D Graphics
Harvest: Massive Encounter contains beautiful high-quality 2D graphics that will make the most of your 3D-accelerated graphics card.
Five Game ModesRanging from Relaxed to Insane
The game can be played in four game modes: “Normal”, “Rush”, “Wave” and “Insane”, each with a new kind of challenge. If you want to freely explore the game, there is a fifth game mode called “Creative” which is designed for that purpose. In Creative you can play at your own pace, design your space colony the way you want it to look with all sorts of buildings. In this mode the aliens will not attack unless you want them to!
Three Worlds with New Challenges and Discoveries
Visit the planets Hephaestus, Poseidon and Ares. Each planet has its own artwork, environment and alien types, and will offer you a new experience.
Nine Distinct Enemy Alien Types
In Harvest: Massive Encounter the aliens are out to get you! Their arsenal consists of nine distinct units that will do their best to destroy your space base. Discover the Armored Hovercraft, the Armadillo Tank, the Black Dragon, the Thunder Flea, the Death Mite, the Gehenna Shuttle, the Steel Monocle, the Energy Sapper and the A-13 Intelligence Vehicle!
Five Building Types with Unique Abilities
In Harvest: Massive Encounter you only need to memorize five building types, but each one of them is a crucial puzzle piece in the defense and expansion of your base. All of them fill a purpose and have unique special abilities that you can use in creative ways to invent new defense strategies.
Extensive Online High-scores
Beat your best threat level, beat your friend’s best, beat the world’s best! Harvest: Massive Encounter offers high-score lists for each game mode and each planet, and you can even join high-score groups and compete versus other groups! Will you and your friends beat Oxeye Game Studio?
Amazing Music Composed by Steve Olofsson
The man who made the great soundtrack for the game “Gravitron Ultra” has created new original tracks for Harvest: Massive Encounter!
Harvest is available in the following languages: English, French, Dutch, German, Swedish, Korean and Portuguese (Brazil)