Harvest 14“Join us and harvest the new worlds!”, the speaker enthusiastically announced through the old Pinasolic TV set, “Start your business with government-endorsed funds and find riches beyond belief – now easier than ever! We supply you with everything you need – the knowledge, the skills and the state-of-the-art tools and weapons! What are you waiting for? Call us now at 555-HARVEST!”

Harvest 14The New Space Race had begun! Intergalactical syndicates had parceled out the known Universe and attempted to claim as many valuables as possible – all with the governments consent or blind eye. Areas of interest were franchised to individuals who longed to make a quick fortune. It was a gold rush beyond comparison.

Harvest 14You couldn’t risk to miss the bandwagon, you had to accept the task of leading an exhibition to the solar system denoted “Harvest 14″. The mission was simple, establish a base, collect minerals for the syndicate and return home. The syndicate would sell the resources and hand you the Colonial Credits – credits that they preferred you to re-invest in even larger operations.

Harvest 14What the syndicate didn’t tell you was that Harvest 14 was inhabited. The aliens, who were loving and understanding, had lost their patience on finding a way to share the world, and wanted nothing but to get their solar system back…