Nua Beats Level 1000!

Friday, January 4th, 2008 by oxeye

One of the open beta testers, who calls himself Nua, has been able to beat level 1000! That’s massively impressive! This is what Nua has to say about his strategy:

The first 30 levels i just focused on gathering minerals; here I followed lupodws strategy. Then, at level 30, I sold everything except the power plants. At this state I got about 28k to build for. The design was a circle with 4 layers of laser defens towers as the outer perimeter, and then a inner layer of power nodes and tempest missiles. I put solar plants and eagle missiles in the middle. The powersupply system was kinda complex, it was designed so I could turn of parts of the base that was not under attack, I could also very easy increase the power supply to parts of the base that was in need of it.

After lvl 600 I sold most of the tempest missiles and some of the eagle missiles, because the enemy that they are really good against was decreasing in every wave. It was more important the hold the outer perimeter intact, parts of the base was sold just to keep the wall of towers intact.

Discussions and pictures can be found in the forums here:

To show our appreciation, we have included Nua in our closed beta testing. Obviously, due to performance issues, we must rebalance the game to prevent such high levels in the full game ;)

Update: lupodw has also been able to beat level 1000… and beyond! His score is now 1375, as you can see in the ingame highscore list.

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