Open Beta 2

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007 by oxeye

The second open beta test of “Harvest: Massive Encounter” has started! The open beta allows you to get a sneak-peek on the game before it is released, as well as to help us sort out any problems that may still be present.

Download the game from the download page!

If you have comments, suggestions, bug reports or simply wish to speak to other players or the developers, there are several ways to reach us! You can either post in our forums, or you can join us using an IRC chat client. The main channel is called #harvestbeta on the QuakeNet network, but we also reside in #harvest at EsperNet.

Another way to contribute is to join the A Massive Encounter Facebook group.

In any case, have fun! The beta lasts until March next year!

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