Thewreck in Retrospect Part 1

February 20th, 2008, Game Development, History, Multimedia Fusion, thewreck

13 Responses to “Thewreck in Retrospect Part 1”

  1. Nivekolas :

    oh my goo…d…. good… ness…. oh my goodness!!!!

    i never woulda guestet… thewreck.. i.e. dan man… would ever make somemany games…….

    well, i lost my train of thought….
    what a waste, eh?

  2. Nivekolas :

    ok, this… what im writing now… doesnt have anything to do with the ‘bove… but ima wright it anyways…

    how come… you… state jeb’s real name yet you leave yours out?

    ahem, i like the name nivekolas… ’s got a ring to it… sorta, yuh know…

    i came it up with myself!


    i have no experience makeing games… but i do have 14 years of experience of microwaving my brain to its full potential…

    lord knows whats stuck in that cavity inside my head… nothing frees me from it and i cant concentrate for moments at a time…

    poor my brain.

  3. Nivekolas :

    im more of a make em up board game and boring game maker man my self…
    i just cant make make games.. like on one o dees dodads

    i like rpgs to, boy, if i could make one of those… i might just not have wasted all the food i have eaten… forever and forever always

    might i sugest looking up a picture called: kitten treat,
    its mighty funny!

  4. Nivekolas :

    heres where its located

  5. admin :

    Hey Nivekolas =)

    thewreck’s name is not a secret! His real name is Daniel =)


  6. Nivekolas :

    thats why i called him dan man!

    er… Dan-man….


    yeah, i already kinda knew….

  7. Talonz :

    Who would’ve known you’ve got so much history! And Daniel is a good name. At least, it better be…

  8. Nivekolas :

    my name is Andrew!!!!

    hoo-ray ;)
    oooooh yeaaaah!

    good point to, i didnt really see his stuff that way… i just saw it as a log for forgoten ideas and projects…. and i learned that the new button is way sexier than the open button!

  9. game maker :

    game maker…

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  11. BudMan :

    So when is akarra coming back?

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  13. Ciaran Bell :

    Man I wish i had started to code so young… i still am but its just not the same and is simply harder to learn!

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