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March 23rd, 2010

Postcards Have been Sent!

Alright! I’ve left all the postcards at the post office now. Big thanks to all of you who shared your addresses :)

It would be fun to know when/if you get your card. Just leave a message as a comment to this post, or in our forums.


/ jeb

March 16th, 2010

Postcard Reminder

Just wanted to post a reminder that it’s still not too late to get a real, snail-mail, postcard from us. We have 6 different variations of Project B-related prints. You will get one randomly chosen print, and a hand-written message from us (don’t expect too much though, these take a lot of time to write).

You sign up at this page:

Please remember to write your name with the address! If you forget to write your name, I’ll send a postcard anyway, but I’m not sure how good the post office is at locating you. Guess it depends on if you are living in your own house or not :) Also, you don’t need to write anything in the name suggestions / comments box if you don’t want to. In that case simply leave it blank.

/ jeb

March 5th, 2010

Birthdays and Postcards!

birthdaysI usually try to avoid posting more than once per day, but I nearly forgot which date it was today… it’s the 5h of March! That means we have two birthdays to celebrate!

First up is Pontus Hammarberg, our own very cuddlesome artist who is trying to save mankind, one life at a time :) He has turned 26 today. Give him a cheer! :D (And in case you were wondering, Pontus goes by the internet alias “Kinten”, you may have seen him around.)

Second up is Harvest: Massive Encounter that is 2 years old today! It’s crazy how long time that has passed since its release, and how different things are now compared to back then.

To celebrate this we are going to give you a present! We are going to send out postcards (real, physical postcards) to anybody who wants one. All you need to do is to give us your home address (we’ll not use it for anything else, don’t worry), and maybe suggest a name for Project B! Anything goes, but obviously we prefer actual usable game names over “Cheesemaster of Death 2000″ ;) The best name will receive an extra present… I think.

In any case, suggesting a name is optional, so to receive a postcard all you have to do is to go here:

–> <–

We’ll gather addresses for about 2 weeks. I’ll post again later. (We may not send a postcard to everybody in case this becomes unexpectedly popular, since I have to write all of these by hand… so if that happens it will be first come first served.)


UPDATE: Remember to write your NAME with the address! Our divine senses can only stretch so far…

March 2nd, 2010

More Stuff!

Thanks, Apoc! :D

Oh btw… We’ll soon announce the next round of secret gifts. Since the wiki went down we have had to change our plans slightly, but we have something new cooking! :)


February 14th, 2010

It’s Payback Time!

Two weeks ago a box full of stuff dropped into our mailbox at the office. (I don’t go to the office very often these days, so that’s why I’m not posting about it until now.) The package was from Daniel Wolf, who wanted to pay for a bet that he lost over two years ago. To thank him for his effort, I decided to record this clip:



February 5th, 2010

Secret Gifts – Part Two – Heads-up

I just wanted to give you a small heads-up on the next Project B secret gift!

The next gift will be sent to somebody who creates something interesting in our Lua prototyping engine, DaisyMoon. We haven’t decided on the hows, whens and whys yet, so the challenge hasn’t officially started yet. We’re waiting until the documentation is more complete and we have a Mac build working again (progress has been made).

Anthony Salter of Viridian Games has planned to do a small video blog series about DaisyMoon. Something to keep an eye on! :)


January 19th, 2010

Secret Gifts – Video Leaked!

The mysterious user “wdopul” posted this video clip in the forums:




January 12th, 2010

Secret Gifts – Part One

thewreck has packaged and sent the secret gifts to three lucky “winners” in the Oxeye forums! :) You can follow the action in the forums.

We will focus on Project B’s development during 2010, and more gifts will be sent. How and when is secret, just keep your eyes open :)


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