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February 3rd, 2009

New House Globe

We’ve updated the Windows version of House Globe with a small synchronization fix. It turned out that floating point numbers got all messed up on some computers, but that won’t happen any longer. I recommend you use this version if you plan to play online and record replays.



September 6th, 2008

New House Globe, with Strategy Tips

We’ve made a new version of Artifact’s House Globe, adding the following changes:

  • Settings are saved to HouseGlobe.cfg, so you don’t need to re-type ip numbers or ports.
  • You can now enter your name when you play multi-player games.
  • You can chat (press enter to begin typing, and enter again to send).
  • The restart command has been moved to Cmd+R (Ctrl+R on Windows).

The replays of this new version is not compatible with older versions, so the file extension has been changed to “hg3″. However, “hg2″ replays are still compatible with this version, so simply rename them if you want to keep them for later.

Downloads are available here:

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August 30th, 2008

House Globe, Space RTS in the Second Dimension

Remember “Because it’s fun, Fay?” It was a game we made for the TIGSource Procedural Generation Competition, held earlier this summer. We created it using our Lua script engine, Daisy Moon, which we usually use when we want to prototype different game ideas (we also use Multi-media Fusion sometimes, depending on the situation). The game turned out to be a two-player platform game with one character living in a rotated dimension, and with a JRPG end-boss fight. Maybe not our greatest game, but if you haven’t tried it, you can find it here.

Now it’s time for a new TIGSource competition and a new game! This time the theme is Bootleg Demakes, and people have posted over 100 threads about competition projects. A “bootleg” means “inofficial copy” and “demake” means “that is made to look as though it were running on older-generation hardware”. We could obviously not resist competing again and, using our Daisy Moon engine once more, created House Globe.

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