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February 25th, 2014

Sand in the Gears

Here comes a community update:

Hi all!

Apparently a metalface has been marooned on a tiny island in the middle of nowhere. Surviving in harsh environments with no food or water is not an issue for cyborg metalfaces but how will it avoid succumbing to insanity? How can it trust what it sees with its own two eyes/light bulbs? How will it return to civilization? These questions needs to be answered! (Looking at you Fabio).

January 20th, 2009

Lua Binding Woes

Lua LogoAs you know, we’ve been using Lua to make prototypes and add mod support to Harvest. However, I’ve always thought that the C++ binding we’ve used hasn’t really worked the way I’d like it to. Basically we’ve used simple C functions to create our own Lua library for callbacks, and some Lunar objects in Harvest. Lunar allows you to do stuff such as this:

local stuff = lib.getStuff()
stuff:foobar() — call C++ member method

However, it doesn’t allow you to do this:

local stuff = lib.getStuff()
stuff.onEvent = function(self) print(”Recieved event!”) end

The problem is that with Lunar all objects of the “stuff” class share the same meta table. It’s possible to modify the meta table in Lua by calling getmetatable(), but then you will be modifying the meta table of all instances of “stuff…”

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April 26th, 2008

Akarra Editors Source Code

AleraA few weeks ago I released the server source to our old online role-playing game, Whispers in Akarra. I thought it was time for the next piece of the puzzle, and have uploaded the files for the game’s server-side editors. You can download them from here:

The editors were created using a tool called Borland C++ Builder. Borland has since then discontinued it in favor of the Java Builder, so I’m not sure if it’s possible to get your hands on a copy any longer. In any case, some of the editors are a real mess, I suggest you check the readme in the source package before you begin. Of course, if you’ve never used the compiled binary versions of the editors, it will be even harder. Check my previous post for download links to the editors.

The Akarra shard hub,, hasn’t really gotten started yet, but according to rumours TbbW is working on the back-end, so hopefully it will be more useful “soon”. I suggest you check back there every once in a while if you’re into Whispers in Akarra.



February 19th, 2008

Whispers in Akarra, Server Source

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AleraAs I wrote earlier, Dawn of Daria and, in essence, Oxeye Game Studio have a past in an online role-playing game called Whispers in Akarra. The game was never completed – it barely reached alpha stage – but the editors and server were released to the public and a number of shards were started. Several years have passed since then, and I think it’s time to add the server’s source code to the list of available tools…

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