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January 18th, 2015

This week in Cobalt #5

We’re back in action!
Hello everyone! Enjoying the new year?
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Cobalt visits Trunkopia
After 45 years in space, Cobalt has finally reached its destination… Time to go around visiting places and taking pictures of emblematic alien stuff!
Oh, a mission you say? I guess Cobalt can do all at the same time!
I wonder what those things looked like when they were alive…
Cobalt’s first touristic stop are some caves in one of the coldest areas of Trunkopia, where one can admire vestiges of an ancient age.
Who might he be?
Just arrived and someone’s already talking about the mission!
Cobalt can’t enjoy a bit of touristic sightseeing without being annoyed right away, clearly.
It appears Cobalt was being awaited… some unclear business seems to be happening around the old Trunkopolis human colony, so Cobalt’s personal affairs need to wait.
Cobalt meets some robotic locals
Apparently they don’t seem to enjoy Cobalt’s visit, which is a shame. Maybe they would have been able to show Cobalt around.
The non-robotic locals seem to be a bit nicer
After leaving Trunkopia’s snowy region, Cobalt arrives to a somewhat crowded Mycelian town. In the picture Cobalt can be seen posing next to a famous museum.
However it seems that the locals are having some trouble as well… will Cobalt ever be able to relax for a bit?
Inside the old base and the caves
After leaving the town, Cobalt encounters some sort of abandoned base. It seems that the base is also the entrance to a small cave system, home to the baddies who attacked the Mycelian town.
Their building style is quite unique, so Cobalt decides to take a picture of it as well.
That’s not very nice of them
After some time spent shooting, rolling and collecting loot, it looks like Cobalt is about to reach the heart of the base…
While running around, Cobalt encounters some prison cells. Apparently some fellow mycelians were captured, and they tell agent Cobalt that some time ago the baddies that live here used to trade robot parts for prisoners. What would they even use those for?
The bounce-around tunnel
After finding a secret exit, Cobalt finds itself bouncing from wall to wall, the plants making it almost impossible to progress forward…
At the same time, it seems like there’s noise coming from the other end of the cave. Something important is waiting, Cobalt can feel it.
What will Cobalt encounter at the other end of the cave?

We’re back in action!

Hello everyone! Enjoying the new year?

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December 28th, 2014

This week in Cobalt #4

Happy holidays!

How’s visiting family (or whatever else you do!) going? In my case, it’s keeping me quite busy!
However, I had enough spare time to check the Oxeye blog during the 25th!
What’s so important about that, you ask? Well, our dear community member Librus wrote a very interesting blogpost to celebrate such day and holidays!
Go read if you haven’t already! The link is here.

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December 21st, 2014

This week in Cobalt #3

Hello again!
Time flies, doesn’t it?
Today we take a look at a new feature to be released with the next udpate: Taming!
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Don’t be a coward, jump onto that beast’s back!
And then try not to fall and get bitten!
Yes, that’s right! In the next update you will be able to tame wild, fearsome beasts like the Sabretooth Hamster and mount them to battle!
After a little while of standing in the beast’s back, however, they will stop looking fearsome to you. Maybe they’ll even look cute. But not to your foes!
The following video displays the ways in which an honorable rider tames beasts -this time a strange case of a non-aggressive Hamster, for which not as much practice is required- and rides them to battle:
Looks like our hero found a worthy opponent! Fair fight.
Sorry! That’s all for today!
Yes, this post is a bit short. But shorter means better, right? Right?
Oh well, guess I heard it wrong. Hope you enjoyed the post though! More next weekend!

Hello again!

Time flies, doesn’t it?
Today we take a look at a new feature to be released with the next udpate: Taming!

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December 14th, 2014

This week in Cobalt #2

Welcome back!
As many of you might know, guess or assume, in the next version there will be some new weapons for you to shoot, throw or slash into the baddies’ faces…
This week, I present to you two new curious throwables that can be quite useful in some situations.
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You’re not alone!/Need help?
Beep boop, incoming!
Got trouble with too many enemies? Now you can call for allies that will teleport in faster than a rail bullet (note: not really) to aid you in your fights!
All this technology magic is done using a Robot Beacon, a small gadget with antenna that, once deployed, will emit a signal calling for help.
Spiky red glowing destiny caught mid-flight.
Is the room too full of robots? Did you run out of beacons?
Worry not, because here is the latest weapon designed by and for true hacking geniuses: the hack grenade!
This useful tool will allow you to hack whichever mechanical foe it collides with first, or the nearest unit within a certain range if thrown to the floor. See that predator? It used to mean trouble. Used to.
The hack grenade it’s also quite a better weapon than the hack device; it doesn’t force you to stand still waiting for enemies to kill you while using it. What does that mean? It means you can ride predators to battle! Those baddies will know what it feels like to face such a machine now.
(video here) link to video plz!
In this video you can see how to use both of the above weapons for practical purposes, plus some stealth suit sneakyness!
That’s all for today!
I hope you enjoyed this week’s blog post. While shorter, I’m sure it delivers some of what most of you like the most: action!
Be sure to come back next week to check out what else Cobalt has in store for you!

Welcome back!

As many of you might know, guess or assume, in the next version there will be some new weapons for you to shoot, throw or slash into the baddies’ faces…

This week, I present to you two new curious throwables that can be quite useful in some situations.

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December 8th, 2014

This week in Cobalt #1


Janeator here!

Trif has been quite busy trying to exfiltrate the Oxeye Headquarters and whatnot, so for now I’m in charge of posting on this blog! For those who don’t know me, I’ve been making maps for Cobalt for quite a long time now, and I also hang around a lot in the Cobalt IRC channel.

But that’s probably not what you are here for!
So hit that “read more” button for some…

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November 11th, 2013

We’re alive!

In fact, we’ve never been dead.

Since the last post we’ve been busy with distilling the game, starting our collaboration with Fatshark to bring Cobalt to Xbox and we’ve been to Minecon.

Being a small team with the main focus to have fun, the development of Cobalt has always been a bit haphazard where we’ve added stuff as we go with less focus on the bigger picture and more attention spent on what felt right at the moment. This has led to, in our opinion, a great platformer but it has also resulted in a lot of features that remain hidden to the average player. When a new player starts up Cobalt, he or she isn’t really introduced to what the game is about. There’s nothing to hold their hand and present them with the experience that is Cobalt, especially not as a single player. I’m not talking about a next-gen like dumbing down of game play, but a coherent presentation of the actual game.

What we have now is a whole bunch of puzzle pieces hovering in the air waiting to be placed in the correct spot. Since starting our collaboration with Fatshark we’ve been busy trimming and arranging all pieces in order to put them down in a presentable larger picture and an enjoyable gaming experience from start to finish.

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April 3rd, 2012

Back from USA!

Hi everyone!

As some of you may know, many in Mojang and the whole lot of them Oxeye went to GDC/IGF this year. For me (thewreck) it was mostly to visit enchanting San Francisco and meet (hug) other developers, while for others – like notch who had speaking obligations – things were a bit less casual. Even while engorging myself in all the casual fun I managed to fit a bunch of work on Cobalt, alas I managed to catch the flu and was knocked out for the better part of the weekend following gdc.

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October 19th, 2010

Cobalt music: Main Theme of Cobalt

Why hello there, let me introduce myself. My name is Mattias (also known as anosou) and I’m the composer responsible for the music in Cobalt. While this mainly means I’m composing the music for Cobalt I also have a lot to say about the musical direction and help take decisions regarding how the music is handled in-game. Nothing fancy really but incredibly rewarding. This also makes it logical for me to talk about the music of Cobalt and that’s why I wrote this post you’re reading! So, I suggest hitting the jump below for some inside info on the Main Theme of Cobalt!

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November 20th, 2008

Agatha Ragata Game-play Preview

Agatha Ragata currently consists of a single demo/presentation level, until we decide how/if we should procede with the development. Yesterday I decided that I should record a video clip of this level and put it on YouTube to show our friends over at TIGSource.

Later on I checked my YouTube account to see how many views the clip had got (being an Internet geek like everyone else), and I was somewhat surprised that it was about double what I had expected. I realized that the clip had been posted in the blog, which is great! I also realized that my “secret” clip recording wasn’t as covert as I had planned… and I shamefully admit that if we have published Oxeye material on the web, people who faithfully read this blog should also be invited to the party :)

Hit the jump for a game-play preview of Agatha Ragata…

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November 4th, 2008

Agatha Ragata

Agatha Ragata

“Whaa?! What’s this? They’re EXPELLING me from the Society?! Who put vegetables in the pot this time? I will SHOW them! Oh yes… putrid peach soup, they will regret this!”

Agatha puts on her cape and prepares for the long journey to Blue Hill, where the witchcraft society’s leaders rule the esteemed organization. For who would believe the worth of her crooked fingernails if she didn’t qualify as a member? No, things must be set right!

With frantic eagerness, she bangs her bony fists on the great castle doors, announcing her arrival,

“Let me in! How dare you lock me out? These walls will not stop ME! I’ll turn stone into tofu if I must!”

From a small window above the ugliest of the witches, the Keeperwitch, points out her wart-ridden nose,

“Oh, we’ve been expecting you, Agatha! Why don’t you fall inside?”

“Fall? Did you’re as stupid as a faun, Keeperwitch! Now unlock the door!”

With a small *tick* the door opens… under Agatha’s feet! She falls down, straight into the Blue Hill’s prisons. The welcome committee is already there – all of the society leaders: Broomwitch, Greenwitch, Fairywitch, Nightwitch, Manwitch, Robowitch, Keeperwitch, Sandwitch and the meanest of them all, Master Witch! They all carry smug smiles on their faces, bringing Agatha to the boiling point!

“There’s no locking ME up! I will turn you all into salted slugs!”

Which is where our story begins…

Agatha Ragata Characters

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