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September 26th, 2009

Dawn of Daria Discontinued

It has been a while since we wrote any Oxeye news, so it feels little bit weird to write about a project’s cancellation. However, we felt that it was time that we officially declared Dawn of Daria as “discontinued” instead of “we’ll maybe work on it again, soon.”

I don’t have much of a post-mortem to write, except that role-playing games are very ambitious projects (multi-player or not!) and we never felt we had the time to spend to make it enjoyable. We had some nice ideas that maybe will return in future projects instead.

In any case, Oxeye is not dead! We’ll just keep lurking for a while :)


February 7th, 2008

Dawn of Daria’s Community Timeline

During the last year I have tried to write a small update on the development of Dawn of Daria every week. This update was posted as the “Monday Dev Update” in the development forum of The most recent version of the game was released in December 2006, so it has been a while since this update contained any real Dawn of Daria news. Over the year, the readers of the update have become more and more irritated by this, which is sometimes reflected by their replies. I have thus decided to cease with the monday dev updates for a while and only post there when we have relevant Dawn of Daria news to tell.

Dawn of Daria is a dear project to us, and it’s interesting to see how it has affected Oxeye Game Studio and the development of our games. This story goes back to 2001, when I was living in Stockholm and working for Oblivion Entertainment

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