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December 3rd, 2014

Game jam contribution: Healing Date

During the weekend we joined the game jam “Games against Ebola”. This is a video of us playing our contribution! If you donated to the campaign, of which all money went to Direct Relief’s ebola fighting efforts, you can now download the game from your humble bundle account page!

These are the studios that participated:
Oxeye Game Studio
Coffee Stain Studios
July 23rd, 2012

No More Sweden 2012 and a Yellow House

Hi everyone!

Oxeye just attended No More Sweden and made two small games! No more sweden usually offers words to base your game around and we got Evolution, Simulation and One Button Game. You can see screenshots of Cells and EvoBeats and what we are up to now in the gallery down below!

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January 22nd, 2010

How to Run DaisyMoon Games on Mac

As you may have noticed, the recent releases of our DaisyMoon prototyping engine (such as Horror Tactics) have been Windows only. Don’t worry, we are going to port the engine to Mac again, the situation is just “complicated” at the moment.

While you wait for us to get our act together, check out the article Daniel Wolf has written in our forums. It describes how to run DaisyMoon on Mac using Wine and Winebottler. Very helpful indeed!



November 23rd, 2009

Horror Tactics (Prototype)


We’ve made a new game prototype called “Horror Tactics”. It’s a “move’em’up” kind of game inspired by Games Workshop’s old Space Hulk board game.

The game has been scripted in our DaisyMoon Lua engine, so you can view and edit the source code if you want to change settings or difficulty. The music has been made by Blackspawn.

Please give the prototype a go and give us feedback on what you think about it!


You may also discuss this in our forums.



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