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April 28th, 2012

Ten Years!

Today it is 10 years since the first pre-alpha of “Whispers in Akarra” was released. Back then I was building the game on my own, but the project was shortly discovered by Kinten and thewreck, and the three of us are now the core of Oxeye Game Studio. I think I always will look back at this game with fondness. It may not have been the best game in the world, but we peaked at over 100 players online, and it’s nice to say that you’ve made an “online RPG.” Maybe we’ll get the chance to revisit that area some time!

Hit the jump for some pictures!

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April 26th, 2008

Akarra Editors Source Code

AleraA few weeks ago I released the server source to our old online role-playing game, Whispers in Akarra. I thought it was time for the next piece of the puzzle, and have uploaded the files for the game’s server-side editors. You can download them from here:

The editors were created using a tool called Borland C++ Builder. Borland has since then discontinued it in favor of the Java Builder, so I’m not sure if it’s possible to get your hands on a copy any longer. In any case, some of the editors are a real mess, I suggest you check the readme in the source package before you begin. Of course, if you’ve never used the compiled binary versions of the editors, it will be even harder. Check my previous post for download links to the editors.

The Akarra shard hub,, hasn’t really gotten started yet, but according to rumours TbbW is working on the back-end, so hopefully it will be more useful “soon”. I suggest you check back there every once in a while if you’re into Whispers in Akarra.



February 25th, 2008

WiA Forums Available

The forums at the Whispers in Akarra hub site are now available. If you are having problems with the game’s source code, or maybe the game itself, you can ask for help there.

Speaking of the source code… If you add new features, bug fixes or simply tweak the source, please let me know! I’d love to see what happens with the project. So far I’ve only heard that the source is “clean”, which sounds good, and the expected “how do I compile?” questions. I hope you will be able to create some cool stuff with the server.


February 19th, 2008

Whispers in Akarra, Server Source

AleraAs I wrote earlier, Dawn of Daria and, in essence, Oxeye Game Studio have a past in an online role-playing game called Whispers in Akarra. The game was never completed – it barely reached alpha stage – but the editors and server were released to the public and a number of shards were started. Several years have passed since then, and I think it’s time to add the server’s source code to the list of available tools…

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February 14th, 2008

The Big Bad Wolf and Emperium Xenos

Emperium Xenos LogoOne of the most long-lived Akarra shards is Emperium Xenos. It was started by a group of players back when the server files were made available. I sent a few questions to tbbw, who is in charge of the project now and also is running Follow the jump to see his answers. And tbbw, your meatloaf is here, come and get it before it ruts.
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February 7th, 2008

Dawn of Daria’s Community Timeline

During the last year I have tried to write a small update on the development of Dawn of Daria every week. This update was posted as the “Monday Dev Update” in the development forum of The most recent version of the game was released in December 2006, so it has been a while since this update contained any real Dawn of Daria news. Over the year, the readers of the update have become more and more irritated by this, which is sometimes reflected by their replies. I have thus decided to cease with the monday dev updates for a while and only post there when we have relevant Dawn of Daria news to tell.

Dawn of Daria is a dear project to us, and it’s interesting to see how it has affected Oxeye Game Studio and the development of our games. This story goes back to 2001, when I was living in Stockholm and working for Oblivion Entertainment

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