Akarra Editors Source Code

April 26th, 2008, Code Stuff, Whispers in Akarra

AleraA few weeks ago I released the server source to our old online role-playing game, Whispers in Akarra. I thought it was time for the next piece of the puzzle, and have uploaded the files for the game’s server-side editors. You can download them from here:


The editors were created using a tool called Borland C++ Builder. Borland has since then discontinued it in favor of the Java Builder, so I’m not sure if it’s possible to get your hands on a copy any longer. In any case, some of the editors are a real mess, I suggest you check the readme in the source package before you begin. Of course, if you’ve never used the compiled binary versions of the editors, it will be even harder. Check my previous post for download links to the editors.

The Akarra shard hub, Akarra.net, hasn’t really gotten started yet, but according to rumours TbbW is working on the back-end, so hopefully it will be more useful “soon”. I suggest you check back there every once in a while if you’re into Whispers in Akarra.



2 Responses to “Akarra Editors Source Code”

  1. Michelle D'israeli :

    Borland sold off their development suite division, but C++ builder is still available ;)

  2. Monty :

    So the link above for the editors doesn’t currently work. Is there another place I could download this from? As well, any word on the client source code? I realize the code may be ugly and old, but I’m ok with that. Pretty please give the code for both? :)

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