Back from USA!

April 3rd, 2012, Cobalt, GDC, Game Development, IGF, IRL Adventures, Indie Life, Mojang, Previews, Updates & Patches, thewreck

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Hi everyone!

As some of you may know, many in Mojang and the whole lot of them Oxeye went to GDC/IGF this year. For me (thewreck) it was mostly to visit enchanting San Francisco and meet (hug) other developers, while for others – like notch who had speaking obligations – things were a bit less casual. Even while engorging myself in all the casual fun I managed to fit a bunch of work on Cobalt, alas I managed to catch the flu and was knocked out for the better part of the weekend following gdc.

After the gdc, me, kinten and another friend moved our cobalt development operations to an apartment in San Francisco for two weeks. Armed with our laptops we went exploring the breakfast offerings during the morning

the office cafés during the day

the night life during the night

and the sights during the weekends.

We managed to snap a lot of reference photos and recorded a bunch of sounds for the future. In regards to direct Cobalt development, I worked mostly on improvements to the editor, which is why many of the changes we have made will not be appearing in the v103 change-log. For example, the tiles browser has been remade, now supporting selecting multiple tiles (randomly picking between them after each placement) as well as rather advanced free text filtering.

The last week in USA, we went on a road trip along highway 1, through Santa Cruz, San Diego, through the Mojave desert to Los Angeles and finally flew home from Las Vegas proudly sporting my minecraft t-shirt. Now, it is time to get v103 ready for upload. We have no current estimate, but our current goal is to simply wrap it up, test it, and upload it.


6 Responses to “Back from USA!”

  1. Jesse :

    glad you had a good time here! come back soon!!

  2. Ingewanduh :

    Pacman yay, also: awesome snail

  3. Jess :

    That picture of you guys and the mustang was epic :P

  4. @Haze2k1 :

    awesome stuff guys

  5. Trif :

    Dat last pic.

    Great to have you back :3!

  6. Talonz :

    Hey! Nice to see some pictures of SF and California. 101 is a gorgeous (and yet treacherous) highway! I should keep better track of the Oxeye team, will definitely say hi if I can catch you all in our neck of the woods again.

    Bought Cobalt, still having fun playing it. :)

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