Back from USA!

April 3rd, 2012, Cobalt, GDC, Game Development, IGF, IRL Adventures, Indie Life, Mojang, Previews, Updates & Patches, thewreck

6 Responses to “Back from USA!”

  1. Jesse :

    glad you had a good time here! come back soon!!

  2. Ingewanduh :

    Pacman yay, also: awesome snail

  3. Jess :

    That picture of you guys and the mustang was epic :P

  4. @Haze2k1 :

    awesome stuff guys

  5. Trif :

    Dat last pic.

    Great to have you back :3!

  6. Talonz :

    Hey! Nice to see some pictures of SF and California. 101 is a gorgeous (and yet treacherous) highway! I should keep better track of the Oxeye team, will definitely say hi if I can catch you all in our neck of the woods again.

    Bought Cobalt, still having fun playing it. :)

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