New House Globe, with Strategy Tips

September 6th, 2008, House Globe

We’ve made a new version of Artifact’s House Globe, adding the following changes:

  • Settings are saved to HouseGlobe.cfg, so you don’t need to re-type ip numbers or ports.
  • You can now enter your name when you play multi-player games.
  • You can chat (press enter to begin typing, and enter again to send).
  • The restart command has been moved to Cmd+R (Ctrl+R on Windows).

The replays of this new version is not compatible with older versions, so the file extension has been changed to “hg3″. However, “hg2″ replays are still compatible with this version, so simply rename them if you want to keep them for later.

Downloads are available here:

Hit the jump for some strategy tips!

There are a couple of different strategies that can be used in the game. The initial question is usually how many Harvesters to build. They key point here is that since unit construction and researching use separate build queues, you should always begin Catcher research if you have 300 minerals and an non-empty build queue. Likewise, you should probably build a Harvester if you have 150 minerals and your Catcher research is at 75% or less, depending on if you are going to research frigates next.

I usually use two different opening strategies. Either I build no Harvesters before Catcher research, or I build two. It depends on how much resources that are next to your Maternal Vessel when the game begins. Lots of resources – quick research, far-away resources – build Harvesters.

The next decision is what to do when Catcher research is done. Now it starts to get really interesting! One option is to go all Catchers, which is not such a bad idea. The next research option would then be Catcher Speed, and then keep pumping Catchers. Catchers don’t deal a lot of damage to big ships, but if you have 15-20 of them they still take down Harvesters quite easily. They also beat most enemy ships once the speed upgrade is done.

If your opponent decides to go mass Catchers and you don’t, you will need to know how to handle with the situation. Catchers will initially not be able to harm your Maternal Vessel, so keep her close to your Harvesters to protect them as well. If you have built your own Catchers, keep them safe unless you have more of them than your opponent (and his speed upgrade isn’t done yet). If you have detected your opponent’s strategy in time you should not need to worry, simply get the frigate upgrade and begin building Attack Frigates. That will force the opponent to switch to another unit type, and his speed upgrade is more or less wasted. In any case, don’t try to counter with Blasters. Shadow Fighters could work in theory, but they’re more expensive than Catchers and a long way down the technology tree.

If you are going mass Catchers yourself and are moderately successful at harassing and claiming map dominance, you should try to upgrade hi-tech and frigates while you keep up your harassment. When those technologies have been added you will be able to build a single Plasmagun Frigate. With good microing it should be able to handle with Attack Frigates that your opponent has built to deal with your Catchers, and finally burn down the Maternal Vessel and win the game. Also, with hi-tech, getting a few Blasters will help a lot against the opponent’s Attack Frigates.

Though the mass Catcher opening is great, it’s not the only option you have to win the game. Catchers can be dealt with early on, while their numbers are still low. Get hi-tech research and build a handful of Catchers while it’s progressing, and then get a squad of Blasters. Though speed-upgraded Catchers will beat Blasters, Blasters are a lot more useful at killing Harvesters. This could possibly give you an economic advantage.

Another option is to skip the Blasters altogether and go for quick Shadow Figthers. Shadow Fighters will more or less neutralize Catchers as long as you are able to keep their Inspectors away. However, getting Shadow Fighters takes a long time, so you should build Catchers for your defense while you wait. Once there, get Web technology as well since it makes the Shadow Fighters so much stronger against big ships, including Harvesters.

One strategy which I think is fun, but maybe not so effective, is to go all-in on a Maternal Vessel assassination. The strategy is to get a Plasmagun Frigate as soon as possible, and send it straight for the opponent’s Maternal Vessel. If he has gone for mass Catchers or the Shadow Fighter rush, he may not be able to stop your frigate in time since they deal so little damage to big ships. However, if you choose this strategy, make sure you get frigate upgrade before hi-technology, because it will allow you to build an Attack Frigate for defense.

In any case, I believe there are even more ways of dealing with the game. I haven’t even touched the subject of Missile Hulks, which clearly are cost-effective in the late game (especially on maps that are larger than the default “2″ setting). Please let me know if you have more ideas, or – even better – replay files!


3 Responses to “New House Globe, with Strategy Tips”

  1. thewreck :

    I like the missile hulk rush, but it requires that your opponent is a turtler. Any form of harassing opposition will probably lead to you loosing the economic battle unless you can defend yourself with very little resources (read: very good micro!).

    Missile hulks on the other hand are quite easy to counter if they attack alone. They need a small force of perhaps an attack frigate, some blaster and come catchers to keep all the enemies ships away from it (Starcraft reference: think vultures & Goliaths to protect the siege tanks)

  2. Gustave :

    Thanks for this awesome retro game. Its games like this that really drives me onward as a casual game dev. hobbiest. :)

  3. Pawlo (Paul) :

    Ehh… english is for me hard language, so…
    Can you continue build this game? It’s great game, but too few options in single player (map size, hard level, only 1 cpu)

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