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January 12th, 2010

Secret Gifts – Part One

thewreck has packaged and sent the secret gifts to three lucky “winners” in the Oxeye forums! :) You can follow the action in the forums.

We will focus on Project B’s development during 2010, and more gifts will be sent. How and when is secret, just keep your eyes open :)


December 1st, 2009

(Not) Announcing “Project B”

This is our non-announcement of our next game! In other words, we are announcing that we are working on a game, but we aren’t revealing it (yet)… It’s more of a promise of things to come… in the future. Or far future, depending on your attention span. Actually, it’s more of a “we’re not dead, promise!”-kind of announcement, but I digress.

Project B is a game that we have been working on since August this year and plan to have reasonably playable in time for next year’s IGF. That’s highly unreliable information though, but we’re aiming to have it done by March 5, 2011, which would be exactly three years after the release of Harvest: Massive Encounter (and Kinten’s birthday!). Project B’s development is realized by thewreck who does most of the work (and is paid pocket money from our Harvest savings). We others try to help when-ever we have spare time… which is too little *sad*

Anyway, we are not showing anything from the game just yet! We will leak tiny bits of information during the development of the game, but beyond that we will keep this “strictly offline.” That means that we will show you the game, but the game will never leave our own computers. You will have to meet us in person to see anything.

Some minimal information is available here: Project B’s Game Page

And feel free to chat it up in our forums!

/jeb (and thewreck, Kinten, Stalker and aegzorz)

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