Project B

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The project summary has been sent through a laggy 2 baud connection and most data was lost. We were able to decode tiny fragments of information saying something about “no gimmicks” and “awesome feeling.” We believe it also said “best platform game ever conceived,” but that’s highly unreliable.

The spreadsheet from management was easier to decode, thanks to the bloated Excel 97 file format.

* Planned Release Date: 5 March, 2011
* Target Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, +consoles?
* System Requirements: More than you’d think

It also contained workflow results…

* Deadlines Reached: 8
* Deadlines Missed: 9
* Deadlines Impeded or Dropped: 3
* Remaining Planned Deadlines: 45
* Re-deadline Deadlines: 1

And budgeting!

* Available Budget: All Oxeye savings
* Required Budget: All Oxeye savings and then some
* Planned Solution: Mañana, mañana

This information was received December 12, 2009. The transcript says nothing about the next transmission.

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Below you’ll find videos of the presentation we did during No More Sweden 2010.

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