Intel & Update Report: v124i is out!

March 7th, 2014, Cobalt, Intel Report, Map Editor, Trif, Updates & Patches

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Ladies and gentlefaces, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for: The intel report!

Trif’s here, and I’d like to say that I like jeb’s beard. And frequent updates. So I stole both. Okay, maybe just one of them.

v124i Alpha of Cobalt is out in the wild, and I want you to download it! “But Trif, where did v124c go?!” I learned that Oxeye had several prototypes waiting to be snatched, so I took the shiniest one! We’ll take a look after staring at this glorious animated picture!

But they don't even have wings!
But they don’t even have wings!

I like trains!

The freshly baked update adds Hadoukens— erm, moving platforms to the game! More specifically, map wizards now have a new spell that allows them to properly add moving stuff. While it can be used to put flying carpets in maps, it serves an even more glorious purpose:

Cobalt—now with public transit!
Rolling Simulator 2014—now with public transit!

Notice the train in the bottom of the picture? It moves. The newest dark next–gen technology adds more dynamic atmosphere features to the level editor. Make good use of this new weapon, wizards. I’ll be stalking you waiting at the vault.

Gotta go slow

The evil scientists continue their possibly dark experiments with the essence of time itself. Bullet time has been refined once more, no longer trapping you like a Chrono Bomb when a throwable is getting out of your danger zone—unless it is a Chrono Bomb, of course.

Should you be dissatisfied with the default bullet time mechanic, the custom settings have been glorified to suit the entire audience. Other than changing the amount of slowdown, the options now tweak the range of reaction enhancers a little bit, and activation speed a bit more. You’re going to pick the “None” option, of course. Real gladiators experience the world in bullet time naturally anyways.

Freeze! ‘Nade time!

If you’re reading this from the Northern Hemisphere, you have successfully survived the winter—but the danger of freezing to death is not gone, especially not if you hug a Nitrogen Grenade! The newly introduced tool of icy destruction now delivers an even more cold death, exploding on impact with greater power than before. Obviously, it’s for peaceful scientific purposes. …Right, guys?

The developers have given the other explosive devices some love too. Opening doors is lame, kicking them in is cool, but making the door fly open with the sheer impact force of a grenade is even cooler! That’s right, you can now blast open a door with a grenade followed by another one, a rocket, or whatever surprise you have in your arsenal!

Nobody expects the Explosive Inquisition!

Finally, the beautiful little boxes that indicate you’re about to be shot in the face have been made more… discoish. It’s a wonder of colors, and it’s so marvelous you should see it in its full glory. Go in–game and check it out!

The Breakdown

Fine, you want the change log, don’t you? You’re in for the raw list of awesomeness? I’m in a good mood. Take it.


  • Another small Bullet Time tweak. It feels fantastic!
  • Made the speed at which the reaction enhancers activate part of the bullet time setting and also tweaked all bullet time settings to be more useful.
  • Moving tiles is now possible in the editor in a more controller and free system!
  • Improved predator ai slightly.
  • Improved Nitrogen grenades
  • Facing away from flashbangs is even better
  • OnScoreReached working and more options.
  • Improved fires warming ability.
  • Bopo now follows the player.
  • Warning boxes now come in player colors!


  • Fixed some eye and light animations on actors ai feedback
  • Fixed offers can get stuck when teleporting

Next week, we’re stealing Oxeye’s level art process! That’s a secret, though. Don’t tell them. See you.

42 Responses to “Intel & Update Report: v124i is out!”

  1. Janeator :

    :V I say this is glorious. I’m done commenting on this update. *drops mic and walks awa- goes ingame*

  2. Rekkyn :


  3. FabiotheTurtle :

    A new update when I’m busy all day? Waaah!

    Everything here sounds amazing! I’m glad you guys are polishing off things before moving on, it shows a real sense of professionalism and greatness.

    Cobalt has come a very long way since its humble beginnings, and I am loving every minute of it.

  4. Firefly9809 :

    I’m not sure if this is a glitch or a feature, but when I use the nitrogen grenade in death match and kill someone with it the kill score won’t go up. But otherwise I love this update. :D

  5. Picklar :

    Great! Oxeye released v124e as well, apparently… hopefully that fixes some crashes and bugs for mac :)

  6. Icycubed :

    Nitrogen grenade? Sounds like the best weapon for me :D

    No only if we can get the that flamethrower….

  7. admin :

    Fixed more bugs! v124h!

  8. m30wlol :

    Please more pretty colours!

  9. APirateHat :

    Well done! Liking bullet time a lot more now. Could there be an option to keep the boxes in the old yellow color though? It’s cool how it takes your color but I would prefer using the old because I think it looks better and I’m used to it. :P

    And a bug: Playing a match and going into the editor some keyboard keys are locked. Seems similar to that one where you couldn’t pick team after a match.

  10. Sakke :

    The game has never successfully updated for me, I always have to re-download it…

  11. Trif :

    There seems to be a problem with v124h. The developers will definitely look into it as soon as they can!

  12. thefirstboss|CobaltOwl :

    It seems great! I CANNOT wait for multiplayer :D

  13. RedMser :

    The new update is awesome, but only problem I am having is that every time I restart using the escape menu, the screen just stays dark green and nothing happens. I have to go to main menu and then return to game for it to restart.

    Also, what is the puzzle challenge mode about? There are no levels, but how does it play?

    Thanks for the update, love the moving platforms! :D

  14. Woody Davis :

    Thank you guys so much for this update! Does anyone know the formula to get bullet time most like it used to be?

  15. Trif :

    Yes, I encountered that bug too. Until it’s fixed, you can press Esc twice as a workaround.
    The puzzle challenges will be puzzles! I’m not completely sure how they’ll work, but my guess is they’ll focus on finding the solution to clear the stages instead of having combat or speed as primary goal.

    @Woody Davis:
    When you start a game, set Bullet Time to Extra Slowdown. This should be quite close to the old mechanics.

  16. firefly9809 :

    What happens if after uninstalling if the game still won’t update? Also the puzzle challenges didn’t go into the update for 124h. Help is appreciated.

  17. firefly9809 :

    The reason I say this is because the website says the game is at version 124g

  18. SonicModern :

    I must download the newest installer to play :/

  19. Adspam :

    Not only is this update amazing, but the log itself is actually amazing. 10/10 would read again

  20. Adspam :

    Also Some of the maps crash on launch (eg Sandswept)

  21. The guy who stole a pirates hat :

    Wasn’t this 123h?

  22. Ben :

    @The guy who stole a pirates hat
    Now it says
    So I’m not crazy after all.

  23. InfiniteDawn :

    They’ve been using the same post for the minor updates, so they just change the title and some of the in-post text, but not the URL because that would require a whole new post. Its at v124i right now, so we may actually see a v124aa or the like before long. Depends on if their is ever a consensus on what the “correct” amount of slowdown is.

  24. spazmann :

    Hey is anybody else on the mac version experiencing this bug:

  25. firefly9809 :

    Glad it updated to 124I. :D . Since there seems t be no levels in puzzle challenges I hope that levels are being made and that no puzzle levels is not a bug. Good update, love the nitro grenades!

  26. J-man :

    I obviously need to learn more about the editor, I plan to make maps (such good plan J-man) I thought you could already make moving platforms D: so yeah, I think the editor is updating faster then I can learn. oh, and nice to see your blog again Trif, took a break from Cobalt.

  27. Tom :

    Looks great!

  28. OtherOtter :

    Looks awesome, though i have no idea where my gamepad is, and i am not good with keyboard. :(

  29. malfunktion nr.1337 :

    Sounds like a GREAT update, cant wait to try it out :D

  30. Arduino13 :

    Looks great! Though I wish that rather than having a couple of presets for bullet time, you could just have a percent that you could change, like “none”, up to 10,000%! But in general love the update and can’t wait for multi player! (If coming.)


    P.S. Remember to always make the PC/Mac version a little better that the ported console versions, just because PC/Macs are just that cool!

  31. JF :

    This is so evil I cant open cobalt

  32. Guy :

    I have a Steel Series 3GC controller and everytime I try to set the controls for it’s rather difficult. When I select a control I want to change it automatically changes to ” ? “. So basically i spam selecting the control i want to change and the button i want to change it to. By some stroke of luck it eventually works, but then some buttons just don’t work. The bottom right trigger and the ” 1 ” button at the top of the four main control buttons across from the D-pad. Even if I can get them selected they just don’t work in game. I know these buttons are working with my computer because i downloaded a program that checks the input of the controller and all the buttons were working perfectly. I hope this problem can be fixed because i haven’t been able to play the game for quite some time now (it used to work on a later model of the game but not anymore and am avoiding down grading a bunch) This game is amazing and i apologize for the length of this message.

  33. MrCrazyminers :

    Can’t update in launcher though, I have to redownload /:

  34. Fik123 :

    It’s been about five months since this release. When are you going to release v125???

  35. admin :

    Getting close now!

  36. LimeStudios :

    Man it sure has been a while…still hoping for a single player campaign at some point…I know you guys are probably hard at work though so even if it’s a few more months the wait will be worth it.

  37. URNEXT :

    i love cobalt but recently it has been having an error and it crashes everytime i select a dm, ctp, etc… :(

  38. janeator :

    Hey URNEXT, please submit a report at with detailed information :)
    You can also visit

  39. Axel :


    03/05/2015 (french dating)…

    124i Alpha… this update was released at March 2014.

    Just a word : WHAT ARE YOU DOING ? (Hey ! There are 4 words !)

    It’s not a bad critic but… I’m bored ! I bought this game at 28/05/2014. Two month after the release.

    And then, nothing. No news from this game. NOTHING. I played one month or two. I stopped. One year after, I played again.

    So, I don’t know what they are doing. If someone can tell me more about this, go ahead !

    Thank you for reading. Still thinking this game is awesome.


  40. janeator :

    They are working on updates. As you can see, there’s many many new posts giving some insight on what will be in the next update.
    By the way the game was first released on 2011 iirc, on v100.

  41. Oliver: :

    Hey i´m not able to start playing Yesterday i opens it and it worked just fine today the start page is all glitchy and weird… please help me it was so fun to play.
    Keep up the great game and have a great day


  42. janeator :

    Please go to or and provide PC OS/specs, Error screenshots & crash logs!

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