Cobalt Video dump 1

June 5th, 2013, Cobalt, Game Development, thewreck

Here follows a couple of videos I posted on my youtube channel from the development of Cobalt v121 Alpha. Some of them showcase interesting bugs, other show off new features! Read the descriptions to find out more!

Hit the jump to watch them!

13 Responses to “Cobalt Video dump 1”

  1. FabiotheTurtle :

    All of these features look quite remarkable, guys.

    Having bots talk and chatter while you stealth around them, picking them off one by one (or alternatively blowing the door open, flipping through the air and shooting them in the face) just adds that much needed level of depth and detail that could go together really well. I can easily imagine making my way down and through a building, listening to the targets inside talk, only to have me land particularly hard on the balcony and notice their conversation abruptly stops and they turn to face my direction. “What was that?” they ask.

    The Sabre egg is certainly an interesting idea. I don’t see why not. I noticed on someone’s twitter, the idea of having birds change colour in regards to their parent actor, which I think is a cool idea. I just think it’s very interesting that we can take an enemy and have it attack the others, once again, just adds so much possibility and depth.

    That being said, it’s also VERY interesting how one can abandon their casing and integrate into a larger system to control it. It gives rise and an insight into the idea of just how advanced a robot the Metalfaces are. I can’t wait to see what this can be used for, and I get the feeling this is necessary in the Adventure Mode to kick start a building’s generator, or a giant prototype death machine that the enemy have been working on. Which relates to my next thought…

    Will there be boss fights in the adventure mode? Cobalt seems like the kind of game where you’d certainly encounter a boss; giant, half screen enemies that are near indestructible. This of course would require near perfect timing to destroy, with small windows of opportunity. Perhaps even climbing on the boss itself?

    Amongst the little notes, that incredible HUD that shows up in the videos, will that be featured in Adventure Mode? I first saw it in some the early videos, and my friend and I were disappointed to not see it in the main game.
    The Predator was definitely in need of a Melee attack.
    What about with the empty hand, being able to pick up movable boxes and throwing them? Could open up some possibilities.

    As I’ve said many times folks, I really can not wait for the next update. Every time I see news on this game, it just gets better and better.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Ben :

    Wow, this is looking amazing! I love the idea of metalfaces being able to exit their suits and enter new ones. The sabre egg is really cool, and like FabiotheTurtle said, it could really make the game more interesting! Keep up the amazing work, guys!

  3. Ben :

    By the way, I was wondering what that thing on his back was. Is it a sword or something?

  4. Janeator :

    Awesome. Need to say more? Don’t think so.

  5. Mikirog :

    Sabre Egg is cool, but Beam Gun is now too overpowered i think.

  6. ZenoSwirl :

    Awesome! I have been following cobalt for awhile but just now decided to comment… Mainly because I’d like to ask when the new patch is coming out and if it will fix the bug I have, where i can’t launch the game. I played the game a little once on a another computer (offline mode) and it was awesomely fun. I would love to play this game, please fix that bug! Also, I was wondering (as ben said) what is that thing on his back? it does look like a sword… which is awesome.

  7. ZenoSwirl :

    *double post sorry
    Reading over that last comment…
    I said Awesome too many times.
    also, sorry if i sounded like I was complaining about the bug, I’m just sad I can’t play.

  8. ZenoSwirl :

    I got it working! sorry about complaining.

  9. Landon :

    Looks really cool! Especially the eject thingie! Can’t wait to try it out!

  10. FabiotheTurtle :

    Heya guys!

    I was creating a custom Capture the Plug map, because apparently the editor was working again, so I began doing that.

    First off, apparently when you do that, not assigning the designated actor to the appropriate teams causes a crash on map start-up. That’s fine, just assign the actors and you’ll be fine.

    I could now test the map! But the enemy wouldn’t move and it would crash at any moment with no reason as to why. That’s fine, I’ve grown used to it. I added some ai circles and nodes, which then caused crashes on map start up.

    That’s fine, I’ll test it without an ai. I ran around, then it crashed nice and cleanly, leaving a .dmp. Here it is…

    Good luck guys!

  11. David :

    Wow, nice. The hype of Cobalt has really died down, and I redownloaded the game a couple weeks ago. I really love the progress you have made. The game is super fun now :D

  12. Sketch :

    You’re right… This looks totally epic! I can’t wait!

  13. Riffel0429 :

    This looks cool and all, but when will it become publically available?

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