Dawn of Daria Discontinued

September 26th, 2009, Dawn of Daria

It has been a while since we wrote any Oxeye news, so it feels little bit weird to write about a project’s cancellation. However, we felt that it was time that we officially declared Dawn of Daria as “discontinued” instead of “we’ll maybe work on it again, soon.”

I don’t have much of a post-mortem to write, except that role-playing games are very ambitious projects (multi-player or not!) and we never felt we had the time to spend to make it enjoyable. We had some nice ideas that maybe will return in future projects instead.

In any case, Oxeye is not dead! We’ll just keep lurking for a while :)


9 Responses to “Dawn of Daria Discontinued”

  1. Luke :

    No problem, but I need Harvester 2.

  2. Simas :

    I suggest to upgrade the House Globe. Add more maps, ships, buildings or something like that and ofcourse the resolution, because the game idea is very good.

  3. Lunamatic :


    Ah well, best of luck with all the other future endevours :)

  4. Nivekolas :

    Oh well, just don’t delete the dump forum.

  5. Hetziona :

    alas, it’s been a wonderful project to follow :)

  6. Sivart :

    ummm, i don’t even know what your saying. are you drunk jeb?

    :( :( :(

  7. Sivart :

    btw: should make a multiplayer rts. :D

  8. Dante :

    Didnt come as a shock tbh, had a nostalgic half hour just browing through the forums again though, good times.

  9. prof :

    why is the server not release-able ?
    i want to test this out omg

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