Four Years of Alpha

February 18th, 2014, Cobalt

… and counting!

It has been a long time now, but Cobalt is shaping up to be an awesome game! The game modes are great, we’ve got a bunch of maps, and the single-player adventure is well in progress. We’ve also got an Xbox 360 and PS3 release in the pipe with the help of FatShark and Mojang. Yes, it means…


We haven’t decided on a date yet, because there are still a few things that needs to be done (improvements to the engine and Mac build, for example), but it’s getting there. A reasonable ETA is “some time in March”.

However, the main reason for this blog post is to inform you about a few changes to the release schedule that we feel are necessary. The first change is that the Linux release will be slightly delayed. Instead of being out alongside the beta release it will be out sometime during beta. The simply reason is that we don’t have time to do the necessary porting and build management right now. Thankfully the game should run fine in Wine while you wait.

The second change is that we will drop the in-game map sharing feature. It may return at a later stage, but right now it’s nothing but an obstacle to the development of the game. We recommend getting maps manually from community-organized map sharing sites, such as Northcode’s Cobalt Vault or the maps forum section.

Give us feedback in the comments, or tweet us at @vraket, @Kinten, @jeb_, and @OxeyeGames.


16 Responses to “Four Years of Alpha”

  1. 7676Games :

    oh yeah :3 more goodies!!

  2. JohnLP17 :

    Looks promising, can’t wait <3

  3. Janeator :

    Well, it’s all good news!
    Hope to see new stuff soon! (not making any tm joke hehehe ;D )
    (Note: I feel like I can wait another year. v213 feeling great!)

  4. kilmanio :

    there was an in-game map sharing thing?

  5. Filipus :

    I remember when it all began, so cool :’)

  6. Faume :

    Great to hear! I’m especially glad to hear about the focus on the Mac build! I’m hoping for better controller support (especially ps3 controllers). Keep it up!

  7. The guy who stole a pirates hat :

    “Noo, Linux release has been delayed.”
    Take all you time We can play on wine until you’re completely done with the Linux version.

  8. ReallySadGamer :

    Will our Alpha access be redeemable on another system like Xbox?
    It lags horrible on my pc…

  9. tomgus1 :

    Excellent news and also being a huge fan of Fatshark I can’t wait for the console ports too :D Keep up the great work!

  10. FabiotheTurtle :

    Looking forward to Beta.

  11. Filip15100 :

    Wow! 4 years? Time has gone faster than I thought! I remember when cobalt was released, oh how bloody excited I was then

  12. Janeator :

    Kilmanio: It was planned! Still hope to see it in the future, when all important stuff is done and the game is already ‘finished’.

  13. Trif :

    Well, the game has been available for pre-order since December 16, 2011. I guess the internal alpha has been going for four years.

  14. Xahtier :

    That’s awesome! I’m a bit confused as to what the “in-game map sharing feature” is. I feel like others are too.

    Also, I have a suggestion:

    When the camera zooms out far enough, the sound effects for bullets and explosions, etc become silenced. I enjoy making large maps for a semi-large amount of players, and this gets in the way. If there is no option in the map creator, it would be awesome if you could add it under the “set camera mode” section or something.


  15. InfiniteDawn :

    Yay for Beta! What I’m especially excited about is that the PlayCobalt site say specifically “An intriguing slice of the single player and co-op adventure” as one of the Alpha build goals. Which means that in order to go to Beta they have to give us some sort of taste of the Adventure mode. Or just change the site. I’d much prefer the former though.
    The one thing you can say about Cobalt, between updates its agonizing – because there is so much to look forward to – but when they finally get there… there’s nothing better.*

    *With regards to video games of course.

  16. APirateHat :

    So soon™?

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