Game development – an expensive business?

February 18th, 2008, Game Development, Harvest, Indie Life


In my humble opinion, the best part about working with game development is that it potentially involves many different skills, like programming, sound editing, composing and graphic design.
The downside of this of course being that each branch comes with an expensive license for the application involved.

Or does it?

Today the open source scene sports a great deal of alternative applications for the low budget project (read sensible people who doesnt feel like spending a lifetimes savings on digital property).
Oxeye Game Studio uses a number of programs that are available free of charge (SPECIAL PRIZE, ONLY FOR YOU!).
These are, in no particular order, Audacity, for sound editing, gmax and Blender for 3D modelling, Gimp for 2D painting and retouching, among some.

To get a good base for our sound effects we utilize a free sound directory, conveniently named The Free Sound Project.

Theres always the option to take in freelancers. The internet is full of people learning their trade who’ll do your bidding for a cheap penny. Watch your back though, don’t just share sensitive information with anyone without some sort of official agreement first.
No one likes one night stands without protection!

Speaking of freelancers, be sure to stop by Youtube and watch the Harvest intro with voice acting added (powered by Audacity of course)!


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