Harvest is 50% off on Steam Today!

April 12th, 2012, Harvest, Steam



If you haven’t got it already, Harvest: Massive Encounter is 50 % off on Steam today! Get it here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/15400

This daily deal was supposed to be coordinated with the long-awaited 1.18 update of the game, and also the fresh Mac OS X version on Steam. Unfortunately there seems to have been some kind of misunderstanding with Steam, so this update has been delayed. We’ll post again when the update is released!


// jeb_ and Tommo

5 Responses to “Harvest is 50% off on Steam Today!”

  1. Dan :

    Will we also be getting a stand-alone patch, like 1.17?

  2. Jakkar :

    Awesomesauce! I remember this… I’ve purchased, grabbed a copy for my mother who loved it even more than I did, and Liked Cobalt on facebook.

    Be well, and thanks for the funtimes =)

    It’s worth noting I didn’t know Harvest was ON steam until this sale – useful in terms of exposure, but a pity it wasn’t visible while at full price – I’m sure many more would buy it if they knew it existed.

    Good luck.

    – Jack

  3. alex dante :

    The update just came down via Steam, so I’m very curious to know what the patch contained :)

  4. tallguy :

    i own harvest massive encouner on steam i got it sume time a go. now it wont play all the games i can only play the demo can i get help in getting it to work agian

  5. Boris Mann :

    Doesn’t seem to work at all on the Mac right now. Any plans on fixing this? Where can we get help?

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