Harvest: Massive Encounter Available Now!

March 5th, 2008, Harvest, News

It has been a long year with ups and downs, but finally we are here. It’s with great pleasure we now announce that Harvest: Massive Encounter is released! Get the demo here, or skip the fuss and buy the game right now!

/The Oxeye Crew

7 Responses to “Harvest: Massive Encounter Available Now!”

  1. Nivekolas :


    whats going to happen now?

  2. Nivekolas :

    oh, and congratulations!
    i know i bought it!

  3. albert :

    Hm.. I tried to buy it but i don’t know if I actually managed to finish the purchase. Fo some reason it asked for issue date / number, something i don’t have on my credit card. Normally you input expiration date and cvv number? Wierd. I would bet a lot of swedes have the same kinda card as I do, and maybe cannot buy from that vendor.

  4. Kirk :

    Congratulations! I accidentally stumbled onto your site via a simple Google search. What an awesome game! Have you thought of downloading the demo to http://www.macupdate.com? I refer to Macupdate constantly, as so do many others!

  5. DamionKutaeff(bigBoy) :

    Hello everybody, my name is Damion, and I’m glad to join your conmunity,
    and wish to assist as far as possible.

  6. Gio/I+ top blogger :

    I have to say your game is quite awesome! I had alot of fun playing the demo. The game is easy to get into but hard to master XD! I was like “OH NO!”, when the saucers were slowly destroying my harvest site ( I was at level 21 when I defeated). But I had alot of fun! I hope you guy continue making great games like Harvest!

  7. Kinten :

    Heya guys! Thanks for the nice comments!
    Albert, I hope you were able to sort out the problems with the purchase.
    If you’re still having problems, PM me in the forums.


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