Harvest Preview at GameTunnel

March 2nd, 2008, Harvest, Previews

GameTunnel has published a preview of Harvest: Massive Encounter, just a few days before the release. Here’s an excerpt:

First impressions of the game are a little bit mixed. At first its all a bit confusing, there’s not much outline as to what you’re supposed to do and what does what. After a short while of figuring this out, Harvest shines. The game is fantastic to play! Finishing your first game you’ll readily want to take in the animated graphs and look over your explorations and weaponry. However, the game soon becomes a little tedious as the game grows ridiculously hard.

The version they have examined is the closed beta, which was developed last year. Read the whole preview here: http://www.gametunnel.com/gamespace.php?id=406&tab=2


4 Responses to “Harvest Preview at GameTunnel”

  1. Nivekolas :

    ok, i think i missed something… but when does it really come out?

  2. Nivekolas :

    oh, and by the way, im not buying it untill it comes out, that-a-way i have to pay full price!!!!!!!!!! :P

  3. admin :

    Heya Nivekolas! The game will be released on wednesday!

    / jeb

  4. Nivekolas :

    oh jeb, your so nice like!

    but please… calls me nive…

    its easyer to type and say!
    just like pizza!

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