Harvest Update, Version 1.14

June 18th, 2008, Harvest, Lua, Mods, News, Updates & Patches

It’s time for another “Harvest: Massive Encounter” update. The new version is numbered 1.14, and is a non-crucial patch that adds mod support to the Creative Mode. We have started a whole new section on the forums related to Harvest modding, head over there now and check out all the mods that are being made! The forum section also contains all the necessary information needed to get started with making your own mod. For example, check out How To Create Mods or How To Create Custom Graphics to get you going. All mods are open source and easily changeable in any text editing tool.

The patch contains the following mods:

  • Emulate Normal Mode: A mod that works just like the Normal Mode.
  • Emulate Rush Mode: A mod that works just like Rush Mode.
  • Emulate Wave Mode: A mod that works just like Wave Mode.
  • Starhawk: A mod that allows the player to send in a small fighter jet with custom graphics by entering “starhawk” in the input field that appears after pressing Enter ingame.
  • Super Gun: A mod that allows the player to upgrade defense towers into bullet spewing super guns! These guns don’t require energy, but instead eat credits when they need to refill ammo.
  • Infinite Credits: A mod that gives the player infinite credits.

Here’s the Mac OS X updater for registered users (2.6 MB). Open the dmg and run the patcher, then simply drag and drop the Harvest application on to the patcher’s window.

The Windows update is available here (1.3 MB). This patcher requires a previous installation of Harvest, simply use the same application folder when you run it.

Happy Modding!

12 Responses to “Harvest Update, Version 1.14”

  1. Thomas :

    Link to dmg file is wrong, 404 error.

  2. fenixDG :

    Please put the Mac patch online, I want to try some mods!

  3. admin :

    Thanks Thomas, corrected now, please try again.

    // jeb

  4. hpdoelle :

    I tried to update 1.0, everything seems fine, but the game lost all its german strings. Otherwise it is working, but all text stings show:

    no lang ??? : ???

    example from the settings screen:

    no lang ??? settings:audio ???

    Then I tried to first update to 1.03 and then to 1.14, but I got the same results.

    Can you please fix this, thanks.

  5. admin :

    The problem is known and here is how to fix it manually until the patch is updated:

    (Mac only)
    find your config.cfg
    its inside ~/Library/Application Support/Harvest
    and open it in a text tool.

    Find the line “firstRun=0″ and set it to 1.


  6. hpdoelle :

    After modifying the “firstRun” variable in

    /Library/Application Support/Harvest/harvest.cfg

    it did work indeed.

    Thanks for putting me in the right direction.

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  8. vokiel :

    I’m on Leopard here and dragging the Harvest app on the patcher window does nothing.

    Any Ideas?

  9. admin :

    vokiel: Any news on your problem? Only thing i can think about at the moment is doing the standard procedure: fresh install, apply patch. Also, please try the forum, there might be users that have encountered the same problem and solved it without telling us how.

  10. Charliegun :

    Hello oxeye Team.
    i just dowload and install the patch version 1.14 on my demo version 1.06
    Now the game want to me a password (’o').
    i want your good game. is it possible to buy it from France ?
    Please help me -> Charliegun@hotmail.fr

  11. admin :


    Yeah, the patch is only intended for the full version of the game. You can buy the game here:

    Or if you have Steam:

    If you don’t have a credit card, email us at info@oxeyegames.com, and we’ll sort something out.

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