Harvest Updated to 1.18, adding Linux

April 24th, 2012, Harvest, News, Updates & Patches



It’s over 1.5 years since we wrote about the 1.17 update to Harvest, and finally we’re able to release an updated version. It won’t be 1.17, but 1.18 (fixing a couple of more things), and this time also with builds for Linux!

The game changes are:

  • Invert scroll direction setting
  • Added drag-and-place buildings, if you keep the mouse pressed the game will place the next building at the edge of the energy range from the previous one
  • Made it possible to select and sell multiple buildings at once, also added “getSelectedBuildings” Lua hook
  • Added an option for the defenses to hold fire
  • Shaded map edge
  • Map expansion marker line
  • Double-size minimap for resolutions larger than 800×600
  • Changed damage calculation of missile turrets
  • Removed the age limit of solar plants
  • Removed the boss aliens
  • Energy links will attempt to avoid sending energy to links that are pointing towards itself
  • Made it possible to change language setting in the settings menu
  • Changed so that Poseidon and Ares are unlocked by gaining award points

And we’ve also changed a bunch of stuff in the engine:

  • Replaced the standard Lua intepreter with LuaJIT2
  • Replaced BASS with OpenAL for sound effects
  • Made profiles and save games “Program Files safe” (see more below)

Buy Harvest! It’s only $9.99, or $4.99 with discount code

If you don’t own Harvest: Massive Encounter, you should head over here and find the appropriate buy link:


Also, get an 50 % discount by entering the discount code “TOMMASO” when you buy the game! This code is to celebrate that the update was made possible by the nice Italian Tommaso Checchi (follow him on twitter at @_tomcc), and is valid until April 29th.

Try Harvest?

We also have a demo version if you want to try out the game before buying. We recommend you start playing the “wave mode” first :) You find the demo download links here:


Already own Harvest?

If you already have a copy of Harvest: Massive Encounter, you can use your serial key to download the game here:


Important! If you already have Harvest installed on Windows, you may notice that your profiles and save games are missing when you start the new version. This is because version 1.18 is “program files safe”, and will store your personal settings in “C:\Users\<your user>\AppData\Local\Harvest” instead of in the installation folder. To restore your save files, start the games once and then move your files manually from your installation folder to the documents folder.

Want Harvest on Steam?

As we mentioned in our previous blog post, Harvest: Massive Encounter is also available on Steam! The Harvest Steam store page is here:


The Steam version was updated to 1.18 a few days ago.

Need Help?

This update contains a lot of changes, and if you encounter a problem we haven’t heard of before, you may need to contact somebody.

If it’s related to Mac OS X or Linux compatibility problems, try sending @_tomcc a tweet.

If it’s related to purchasing or Windows problems, please send an email to:


If you just want someone to talk to, try our reddit community at:


Final Words

We would like to write a big THANK YOU to all who have bought and played our game! It means a lot to us!

19 Responses to “Harvest Updated to 1.18, adding Linux”

  1. ‘Harvest: Massive Encounter’ Updated, Now Available On Linux | The Indie Game Magazine - Indie Game Reviews, Previews, News & Downloads :

    [...] Though many of you will know Oxeye for their work with Mojang – mainly Cobalt and the Mojam event – they return to an older and great title of theirs from 2008 to bring not one update but two. The 1.17 update for the game was last mentioned a year and a half ago and since then never actually came to fruition. To make up for it, Oxeye have added a few more fixes and updates and released a 1.18 version of the game – you can see the full change log on this page. [...]

  2. Pit :

    thanks for the Linux support! Harvest seems to be a very nice game (just played the demo intro, then bought it). Just a comment regarding libluajit: This is still only available as a developer beta, and many distributions do not have it in the standard repositories….

  3. Michael :

    Hi, just bought the game because of the linux support, thanks!

    I have to second Pit, though… please bundle the libluajit lib or at least post a zip with this lib prebuild, it’s not even available in the (not yet released) Fedora 17

  4. Tommaso :

    Hey, linux it’s the linux mantainer here! Thanks for pointing out the problem about luajit, I’m still new to Linux publishing, and we mainly tought about Ubuntu compatibilty!
    Anyway, a quick fix is to slap the luajit .so’s along the current sfml ones, until I release another pack that includes luajit too!

  5. Mr_FJ :

    Seems like a cool game! I’m tempted to buy it on Steam, but on steam it says XP/vista… I just want ot make sure: Does it work in Windows 7? :)

  6. Stefan :

    Tomaso and please, use a sane version of gcc.

    Using such a new gcc version on a Game ist not good.
    Not all Distros are bleeding Egde with gcc and glibc.

    ./Harvest: /usr/lib64/libstdc++.so.6: version `GLIBCXX_3.4.15′ not found

  7. Lurkily :

    The Harvest mods are all inaccessible. The forum says that the .zip extension has been ‘deactivated’. However, I can’t find these mods anywhere else on the internet.

    Is it possible to reactivate .zip on the forums so these files can be accessed? Is it possible to host the mods on the game’s website? There is some very good work in there, and at the moment, it’s all just lost.

    Harvest is a landmark game in my mind, in its’ emphasis on network building. The only other games with this emphasis that I know of are Perimeter, The Space Game, and the Creeper World 1. (And CW3, in development.)

  8. Lurkily :

    I see that my previous comment was moderated, (no longer awaiting moderation,) but no reply from the team was left. I’m not expecting instant action, but to simply say “Yes, we can do that,” or “no, and these are the reasons why” would be nice.

    Even something as inconsequential as “I’ll bring it up with the team” or “No, because you are evil and must be destroyed” would be less frustrating than to know my words were read, and ignored.

    Harvest is a game with a relatively small playerbase, but which is also largely unique, and to have access to third-party content cut off like this is another step closer to death, in a game that I like a lot, despite its age.

  9. admin :


    I was on my way to sleep when I saw your message, that’s why you didn’t get a reply immediately. I’m sorry if you felt ignored.

    We had to turn off the forums because spam was consuming all our time. I didn’t know that the files weren’t downloadable any longer. Thewreck is handling the server back-end these days, so I’ll ask him if the forum attachments can be restored somehow.

    // jeb_

  10. Lurkily :

    Thank you very much, and sorry about the snappishness. A few days after posting here, I kind of came to realize that I’d been depressed, so I’ve been a little less understanding than usual. On of those things that I just have to keep fighting. :)

    Thanks for the reply, and thanks for looking into the matter. It is definitely appreciated.

  11. Lurkily :

    Any updates?

    On a related note, I posted this to the Reddit community with no response, and the Harvest page still points players to the de-activated forums with no mention of their deactivation or the Reddit community.

  12. admin :

    Hey Lurkily!

    I fixed the forum attachment thing.. Don’t know why that happened.

    Also updated the community page on the harvest site!

    Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

  13. Lurkily :

    No problem. Just glad to be able to indulge that aspect of my Harvest relapse. :)

  14. Lurkily :

    Hey. I’ve been busy for a bit, but I’ve gotten around to beginning to recover the harvest mods that I lost in my last HD crash.

    None of the .zip files will open. 7-zip says that it cannot open the file as an archive, and windows explorer says the compressed file is invalid. I’ve downloaded four zips from the forums so far, some mods, one .mov. Some of these things I know were viable in the past, I’ve used them before.

    It’s going to be a real shame if this stuff just disappears from the face of the earth, there’s some good content in there.

  15. Lurkily :

    Any updates on this one?

  16. Lurkily :

    Just FYI, I went and sought ways around the issue, and found that programs meant to fix corrupted zip files do not solve the issue. It seems that these files may already be irrecoverable and lost to time.

  17. geamANDura :

    Thanks a lot guys for the Linux port. Harvest is one of my favourite games of all time although I’m an old fart psycho gamer. Glad to give it a try nowadays after I switched to Linux. Keep up the good work and consider doing some sort of sequel or add-on :) Oh and please consider publishing on Desura.

  18. Quazar :

    I noticed the JPEG attachments are hammered too. I wonder if something went wrong with MIME types or like that?

    Loving Harvest the second time around!

  19. apple :

    I think this is among the most significant information for me.
    And i’m glad reading your article. But wanna remark on some general things, The web site style is wonderful, the articles is really excellent : D. Good job, cheers

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