Having a Beer or Two

May 15th, 2008, IRL Adventures, Indie Life

Yesterday and today the Nordic Game 2008 is running here in Malmö (Sweden), which means the “number of game developers per capita” has sky-rocketed for a moment. We took this opportunity to meet up with some of the indie celebrities, namely Petri Purho, maker of IGF 2008 winner Crayon Physics Deluxe and Crayon Physics, Erik Svedäng, maker of the very much talked about Blueberry Garden, and Martin didn’t-catch-his-last-name who runs www.grapefrukt.com and a lot of cool stuff in his blog.

Hit the jump for pictures!

Here’s Erik and Martin choosing which pizza that suits the day:

Erik and Martin

Petri and thewreck:

Petri Purho and Daniel Brynolf

Me stealing pizza from Petri, muhaha:

jeb stealing Petri’s Pizza

We definitely need to do this more often! There are so many indies in the Nordic countries so it shouldn’t be so hard, we just need to get out more :)


3 Responses to “Having a Beer or Two”

  1. Kinten :

    Meh. I had more fun studying.

    Who am I trying to kid?

  2. Kinten :

    Meh. I had more fun studying.

    Who am I trying to kid?

  3. Liam :

    I wanna come =)

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