Interview with Russell Carroll

February 12th, 2008, Indie Life

Russell Carroll I was pointed to an interesting, if somewhat gloomy, interview with Russell Carroll over at the other day. Russell Carroll is the founder of Game Tunnel, an indie game site, and he talks about how difficult it has been to get mainstream attention for indie games:

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, the 2007 awards came off to the sound of crickets. Major websites, such as Slashdot, which in the past have given us front page coverage, didn’t cover us at all, not even in their games section. Watching stories about rumors and cakes in the shape of a DS showing up on all the major game blog sites while the awards were not covered was initially devastating.

I think Game Tunnel still is the link between mainstream and indie, because most indie sites simply are too indie. However, for me personally, Game Tunnel has became slightly stale over the years. They’ve made some minor updates on the layout, but the images for the game genre links still show the same games as they did two years ago (probably longer). It’s like a bulletin board where the posts never are changed… which also amplifies the disappointment that the game of the year awards didn’t get more recognition.

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