It’s Payback Time!

February 14th, 2010, Gifts, Harvest, IRL Adventures

Two weeks ago a box full of stuff dropped into our mailbox at the office. (I don’t go to the office very often these days, so that’s why I’m not posting about it until now.) The package was from Daniel Wolf, who wanted to pay for a bet that he lost over two years ago. To thank him for his effort, I decided to record this clip:



3 Responses to “It’s Payback Time!”

  1. lupodw :

    rofl… hope you can enjoy the goods… maybe next time i make a bet we should stick to money and pay it with paypal … :)

    btw. i looked it up – it was level 1500 i wanted to reach and i only got to 1200… so… i think it was still a close call.

  2. Stefan :

    Awesome, acquired taste :) I only wish I could get over level 100 myself in Harvest, but man, 400… congrats to the guy I guess.

  3. Stefan :

    Oh, I have only now read lopodw’s message… level 1200… that’s insane man! It’s almost like a work of art :)

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