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April 4th, 2009, Indie Life, Twitter


I’ve recently started using Twitter because I wanted to check out what the fuzz was about. I am still not completely convinced, but with the help of DestroyTwitter it has at least become a lot easier to keep track of tweets.

In case you want to fetch my updates, follow jeb_. I’m currently tweeting all kinds of things, so please give me some feedback on how to make it more interesting.


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  1. Silverwing :

    The key to successful twittering is definitely in who you choose to follow.
    I keep my following list trimmed down so that people who excessively tweet get culled ASAP which makes my feed pleasant to read and not hard to catch up on. Those that tweet a couple of times a day with something witty are my favourite people to follow. I highly recommend Darth Vader if you find Star Wars puns funny and there are a lot of indie developers out there who tweet their progress on games. You can even add NASA or CNN to get daily news snippets if you like to be in the know.

  2. Kirk :

    I’ve just purchased Harvest–great game! I’m also interested in Daria, but sounds like it’s on hold? I’ll see you on Twitter: kipsie.

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