June 14: Mapmania Livestream

May 21st, 2014, Cobalt, Trif

Here’s a stream you don’t want to swim against.

In the latest Intel Report, I mentioned that I’ll be doing a map reviewing stream with the Duke soon. The battle plan has been discussed, and we’re ready to announce the stream officially!

Awesome poster by Catlinman!
Awesome poster by Catlinman!

Join us Saturday the 14th of June for a day full of maps, rolling, and Danish accents! We’ll play as many community maps as we can and discuss them live, so if you want us to play your map, leave a comment below with the link or post in the forum thread!

Time and other details will be announced once we get closer to the event. Also remember to keep an eye out on the blog for the June issue of the Intel Reports! Will we get a chance to dive into the creation process of Cobalt’s splendid soundtrack? I don’t even know myself! See you soon!

(Note: This event is fan–made, and while it is endorsed by the developers, they are not directly involved. But who knows? Maybe they’ll pop by and say hi!)

10 Responses to “June 14: Mapmania Livestream”

  1. Librus :


  2. Peter :

    Sudden realization:

    This means you are in local multiplayer, or by any means of the destiny, theres always a small chance, you are also testing online multiplayer???

    I swear for all-my-bolts that i want it to be an advance of online multiplayer.

  3. FabiotheTurtle :

    Awesome! Looking forward to this!

  4. Janeator :

    Peter: It’s local.

  5. The guy who stole a pirates hat :

    Reads like how baby skin feels.

  6. Peter :

    Oh, ok still, ill be watching the stream, looking for for it when its the time e_e.

  7. Peter :

    Crap, i just realized, the stream is exactly on my birthday .__. didnt notice, still watching it, who need to be in a party e_e.

    PD:Not for calling attention but its true.

  8. spazmann :


  9. OtherOtter :

    Sounds fun, Ill be watching it

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