Mojang under new ownership – where does that leave Cobalt?

September 15th, 2014, Cobalt, Microsoft, Mojang

As all of you know we’re developing Cobalt in partnership with Mojang and throughout the process they’ve provided us with much needed support – they’ve provided us with a place to work, they helped us find and form our partnership with Fatshark AB to port the game to console, they helped us in our talks with the owners of the major game consoles currently on the market, they helped us show the game at Pax and at all three Minecons just to name a few business-y things. But first and foremost they’ve made us feel at home in the Mojang family and we’ve made friends for life working with them.

The change in ownership of Mojang does not affect this partnership. Our deal still stands.
At Oxeye we’re always optimists. We hope and believe that Microsoft sees and understands all the good things that Mojang and Minecraft stands for, that they understand the importance of the awesome community that has gathered around Minecraft and Mojang and sees what aspects of the brand and the company that are essential for it to continue to thrive: Open, honest communication and free reigns for the developers.

To Notch: We hope that this deal will help you get some peace of mind and that it will help you find your creative spark again. It’s probably always been there but we understand that the amount of attention you’ve gained since the start of Minecraft can act as a major mind-blocker!
Everything we do in life affect our surroundings and our fellow human beings. With your creation you’ve helped MILLIONS of kids and adults choose creativity and innovation over sometimes mindless entertainment. That is going to have an impact on our society for a long time to come.
Be proud of that! Go forth and prosper!


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9 Responses to “Mojang under new ownership – where does that leave Cobalt?”

  1. Janeator :

    Kind of a relief to read this, but I don’t think this could have been any other way. May the beta come soon!

  2. ABP :

    Does this mean cobalt will be cancelled for ps3? Since I recall you mentioning in a youtube video it’s coming to ps3&x360/1???

  3. FabiotheTurtle :

    Great to hear, guys! Just as I thought and hoped.

  4. The guy who stole a pirates hat :

    As an observer I am very interested on how this all plays out.
    And if you’ll able to keep up that optimism.

  5. Diamond00744 :

    Maybe Steam?

  6. Benjamin :

    Hey there. Nice to hear you guys’ll stay at the always beloved mojang family. Your words to notch are really really true… Hope the community will stay as strong as always was.

  7. Rise of the Indie Game Publisher :

    [...] „Mojang is a Microsoft owned game developer studio based in Stockholm, Sweden.“ Die Firma von Minecraft-Erfinder Notch wurde letztes Jahr im September für die irrsinnige Summe von 2,5 Billionen Dollar von Microsoft gekauft. Doch bevor sich der Bill Gate’sche Riese die kleine, schwedische Firma einverleibte, war auch Mojang so etwas wie ein Indie Game Publisher: Die Fremd-Produktion „Cobalt“ wurde von Mojang unterstützt und vermarktet. Eine merkwürdige Ausnahme in dieser Liste, da dieser Indie Game Publisher nun kein Indie Game Publisher mehr ist, sondern eine Tochter eines Konsolenherstellers. Und die Macher von Cobalt so: The change in ownership of Mojang does not affect this partnership. Our deal still stands. (Quelle) [...]

  8. Robert "Ruedii" :

    I’m just hoping Microsoft won’t throw a fit if you chose to support platforms other than Windows, Mac and X-Box when making Cobolt.

    Releasing SteamOS, PlayStation, iOS and Android versions would greatly expand your markets (especially Android, but once you make the leap to Android you are using GL-ES2 for graphics, which a small step from OpenGL for SteamOS and PlayStation.)

    Frankly, cross platform compatability is a lot easier than it used to be with so many solutions running so many language choices on so many platforms, and any company would be stupid not to use it unless there is a major barrier stopping them.

  9. janeator :

    I don’t think there’s ever going to be an iOS and Android version. I don’t think the game could ever be played well in those platforms; seems more like the typical “release it on everything” mania to me.
    PlayStation, i don’t think it’ll come either.

    Cross platform is not just that easy; it sounds cool, yeah, and if the devs can they definitely want to implement it at some point: I mean there’s no advantage of keyboard vs controller so why not. The reason is first of all, the game was never designed to be multiplayer. Second, it was never designed to be in diferent platforms. And third, it was never designed to have cross-platform play. So yeah those are the barriers. Can they overcome them all step by step? I hope so, one day. Meanwhile we’ve already crossed two of them, but I think the third one would mean major changes to large parts of the code…

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