Now we develop with you!

December 16th, 2011, Cobalt, News

We started alpha access for Cobalt!

Go to:

for more info!


68 Responses to “Now we develop with you!”

  1. Peutros :

    i will be the first

  2. trieyedwolf :


  3. Toxic :


  4. trieyedwolf :

    i can’t log in :( whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

  5. Peutros :

    i cant too i create another account and it work but im getting a payment problem

  6. Peutros :

    i guess that it is overload

  7. Peutros :

    aw i got to download the client but my internet is a *************** i got wait 1 hour but i guess that i doesnt buy yet im trying to use paypal but when i click buy it said “payment error”

  8. trieyedwolf :

    :/ oh well, hope they fix it today

  9. trieyedwolf :

    i still get the “Error! Oops, unknown username or password.” i reset the password and its the same thing, i used both (username and email account) to log in… but its the same thing… D:

  10. Peutros :

    create a new account i did that

  11. trieyedwolf :

    mmm… now i can log in, but can’t buy “Transaction failed” :(

  12. kr0ck :

    slow down, cowboys. i think we just broke the buying-whatchawhosit. tech drones have probably been dispatched, and they’ve removed the gettin’ store links.

  13. Jotimm4 :

    How do u run the installer?

  14. Jotimm4 :

    How do i run the installer?

  15. Jotimm4 :


  16. Kcazakor :

    Alright, I am both greedy and poor and therefore want to get it as cheap as possible, i.e. buying in Alpha, but then I will have a windows version and not a mac version. will I get a mac version for free if i buy a windows version now?

  17. Minju :


  18. trieyedwolf :


  19. Jotimm4 :

    Can anyone tell me how to start the installer?

  20. trieyedwolf :

    doble clic?

  21. trieyedwolf :

    i bought the game like 2 hours ago and still can’t enter, and i didn’t recieve an email T_T

  22. Jotimm4 :

    well… its a file… nothing else, just a file…(btw i tried and it didnt work as planned. it said i should choose wich program to use it with)

  23. trieyedwolf :

    its a .exe, maybe try downloading again

  24. trieyedwolf :

    aarrrrggghhhh help plz it said that i do not own the game but i already bought it!!!

  25. Peutros :

    im playing already its epic

  26. NutJob123 :

    It won’t let me log in. It says I didn’t buy it, and I did. Do I have to wait an hour for an email? I have been waiting and still no email. It says the account does not own cobalt, but it does. Email me at if you can help.

  27. trieyedwolf :

    i have a question, its posible to buy the game twice for the same account?, because it said that the pay was successfully, but i dont recieve anything on my email and can’t enter in te game, so i wanna try again but i don’t see a list of my games o anything like that so i don’t know if i should try to buy again or wait. I just dont want to buy it 2 times :S

  28. admin :

    Sry about the unclear language! If you pre order you get osx+win+linux! Alpha only exists for windows now though.

    Please use for support!

  29. trieyedwolf :


  30. on3fifth :

    Did I read this correctly NO MULTIPLAYER? I am confused $18 and no MP? Dissapointed :(

  31. Isaac :

    I try to download it but it says that i cant by saying blah blah blah something win32. What do i do! plus i have norten 360 and it says it is a threat.

  32. lupodw :

    so i see this right? i can order it now – but the mac version will take much longer until i can play? but i still get it?


  33. yoeori :

    its saying it can’t connect to the login servers please fix!

  34. Isaac :

    The game use to work till i did a scan and it was deleted. i downloaded it again and i doesn’t fricken work! whats the problem and please fix ASAP!

  35. MrAtles :

    Bought Cobalt [check]
    Played Cobalt [check]
    Rolling with Cobalt [check]
    Still normal live…[@!&##^!]

  36. magnolia81 :

    “Unable to contact login server”… (!!)

  37. MrAtles :

    Yea! I got the game.
    And I have heard that local multiplayer is avalaible.
    I would realy appreciate if anyone can tell me how to play local multiplayer with my brother (He bought the game as well).

  38. Isaac :

    I cant do the campaign or editor. is that part of the alpha or is it because im offline??

  39. Jotimm4 :

    It seems i have a problem installing Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86). It says i already have a newer version. Plz help

  40. admin :

    The login servers seem to be having some issues currently… Unfortunately there is not much we can do but wait. I updated the playcobalt site with a warning. If you have logged in before, it should let you to play offline if you let it fail the connection. (takes a little while)

    Please use for feedback & support regarding the game!

  41. Isaac :

    Ive done alot of messages and this is what i feel about the game. FRICK YEAH!! But when they add the campaign ill go THIS IS DA BEST GAME EVA!!!!

  42. Jotimm4 :

    Ok new problem

    i cant login, cause when im trying the program isnt answering anymore
    plz help

  43. admin :

    jotimm4: this problem has been resolved! hooray!

  44. pwajnkaim :

    @MrAtles You need a pc controller, plug it in and you can play your brother doesn’t really need another account.

  45. Minebalt :

    if i go to settings at my mojang account i can’t change my adress, so i can’t buy Cobalt :(

  46. Isaac :

    Is campaign availible? I cant play it if so. is it because im offline on game??

  47. trieyedwolf :

    Alpha dont have campaing, beta does if im not wrong

  48. Isaac :

    Cool. Thx

  49. Isaac :

    But what about Editor?

  50. Jotimm4 :


  51. Scotty :

    I can run the game in small screen but whenever I try to get it running fullscreen the screen blinks and the game quits.

  52. MrAtles :

    pwajnkaim thanks for the info but what kind of controler exactly?

  53. Jotimm4 :

    MrAtles: an xbox360 controller! (sure hope u have an xbox)

  54. trieyedwolf :

    its the same bro, the editor will come after a while

  55. obssoyo :

    I made a map for you guys to try out, my friends have been having fun it thought maybe you guys would too :D

  56. admin :

    Scotty: try changing resolution. find one that is native to your screen.

  57. admin :

    trieyedwolf: Campaign will be worked on and released continuously during the alpha.

  58. Voelkerball :

    Maybe this is only the first alpha, but this game is so great already!
    Did not expect to
    1.) get to fight against bots
    2.) get to fight against fully working bots!
    and this in the first alpha, wow!
    A bit tiring is their almost godlike Phaser-hit-ratio while rolling, and on one deathmatch-map they are pretty op with bullets you cant block by rolling.
    But very nice work so far!
    Ah, and: /sign for Online-Multiplayer. It would be such a waste if the game would not have one ;)

  59. MrAtles :

    Jotimm4 I know I tried playing with a xbox controler today and it workt it was Amezing.

    Seriusly Thewreck you are doing a great job to us all! Thank you!

  60. MrAtles :

    Jotimm4 I know.
    I tried playing with a xbox controller today and it workt. It was amezing.

    Seriusly Thewreck you are doing a great job to us all! Thank you!

  61. Benlandiands :

    Ugh. Now It won’t let me buy it. :\

  62. Nikita :

    Men, please, add lan or internet multiplayer… pleeeeassee… I bought Cobalt just for multiplayer!

  63. jellocube :

    Yes, please take my money.

  64. Minty Fresh :

    Let me get this straight. If I buy cobalt now for windows and play it, will I be able to get mac, when it comes out, for free and play it there. Please reply because I’m impatient and I can’t wait any longer to get the game. :D

  65. admin :

    Minty: Yes! pre-order is for gold, and both win+linux+mac.

  66. admin :

    Nikita: Go encourage!/jjervey so that he implements it faster! =D

  67. PE3ET :

    is the mac version of cobalt released before may?

  68. faturohman_y :

    I can not get into mojang account when I already had an account when I go in there message “You don’t own Cobalt on this account!”

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