On the role of Inspiration in Game Design

April 29th, 2014, Game Development, Musings, thewreck

I realized today that I have applied approach 1 too much in game design. I must apply approach 2 more!

Hit read more to see a lovely graph that hopefully explains what I mean…


6 Responses to “On the role of Inspiration in Game Design”

  1. FabiotheTurtle :


    Anyway, does this mean more capability in the hands of a creator, or just that you’re simply doing more with what you have? Either one sounds nice, but I’m curious as to what you can do within the gameplay constraints that you hadn’t already tried.

    Good luck with whatever it is!

  2. Librus :

    Reminds me of those cellular diagrams I watched back in 6th Grade…

    Best of luck, and I hope everything turns out in a… good… way? Not sure what words to use here.

  3. Peter :

    So… Does this mean that there will be more gameplay focus from now on on? Not sure.

    Even i am paranoic that its a metalface…

  4. InfiniteDawn :

    You know, when I clicked on this article, I wasn’t expecting quite what I got. However, now I understand some of the difficulty in making a game with such a large scope as Cobalt. So much to do, so little time before your fans give up and move elsewhere. Good luck, and can’t wait for v125!

  5. Someome :

    Where is the 1st May post?

  6. CubicBoss :

    I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed to find that there wasn’t a new version posted, but I understand the difficulty that’s being conveyed.

    I look forward to the next version guys. Keep up the good work!

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