Quick update about alpha

October 6th, 2011, Cobalt, News


I am very excited about getting this alpha going as soon as possible, but in reality it looks like we are not going to be making it in October since ironically the pre-order stuff will not be ready until the very last of October. But its not all bad cause I love to polish stuff! I will be working like a beast in the meantime to make the alpha as enjoyable as possible.

While we await the “days of alpha”, I would like to take this opportunity to find out some stuff about who you are but more importantly, what your hardware is! this thread!

If you have questions about the game, please use our Reddit page

Furthermore, I (thewreck) will be idling in the IRC-channel #Cobalt on esper.net. Cya there!


8 Responses to “Quick update about alpha”

  1. ManlyPower :


  2. ManlyPower :

    Early Nov. perhaps?

  3. Jack :

    Sad to hear that … i expect it will release in between october … look forward to it :D

  4. Peutros :

    oh **** well i will be wating anyway thanks for the news

  5. icycubed :

    I carnt wait!!!


    ahh i was hoping it would of came out this mouth i guess some of us can wait :’(

  7. Peutros :

    yeah its almost november 28 october almost killing myself of wait but im happy because i know that the days of alpha are near

  8. ozzAR0th :

    YAY! bought cobalt! It’s amazing!

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