Radio Cobalt Episode One – The Basics

February 4th, 2014, Cobalt

Owen Hill, Mojang’s word smith and office love bear, has posted the first episode of Radio Cobalt on Youtube. Listen to him interviewing Kinten and thewreck on the basics of playing Cobalt!

More episodes coming soon!

6 Responses to “Radio Cobalt Episode One – The Basics”

  1. a_bard :

    I see that the cobalt has become very active as to not be considered dead, again. not only that, I have bought cobalt and enjoyed the game as action packed shoot e’m up. The Bullet time in game had me coming back for more action getting to know how I died and how I messed up. Also, using other’s in bullet time to shoot a devastating blow to some one-else is always fun to pull-off. Thanks for the game and the updates! Here in hopes that everything goes well. And, keep up the good work! Have fun, See you in game.

  2. ThunderGemios10 :

    Glad to see Cobalt still continues its Development

  3. Michalios13 :

    Very cool information and clips showing content from the 123 update !
    Keep it up Oxeye give us more of this ;)

  4. David :

    Finally more regular updates for the community.
    Keep it up!

  5. FabiotheTurtle :

    Holy crapping awesome! I absolutely can not wait!

  6. CobaltOwl :

    This is….
    supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and boss keep up the amazing work :)

    - CobaltOwl

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