RTS Design, Minor Comment

June 24th, 2009, RTS Design

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A couple of months ago I was writing an article series about real-time strategy game design. I never finished it (and I should!), but I wanted to make a small comment about one thing I wrote in one of the articles, let me quote myself:

In the current alpha build of Starcraft 2 the only remaining hero unit is the Zerg Queen. [...] Hopefully they will rename her, and allow the player to use strategies that involve building several.

Well, it turns out that I was right :)

Now all I want from the Starcraft 2 design team is to move the health bars to the feet of the units instead of flying around above their heads. Pleeeeaaase?!

4 Responses to “RTS Design, Minor Comment”

  1. Nivekolas :

    What’s all this?
    That wasn’t there a moment ago! 0:

  2. admin :

    You are very correct my dear sir! I just added it!

  3. Jesper :

    Something I’ve wanted to see in SC2 but which obviously won’t be added because it’s too unlike anything that’s ever existed in a Blizzard RTS is a squad based drop-down list of units at the top of the screen, similar to Battlezone.

    I would like to be able to see which squads are assigned. Currently they are pretty much invisible. You have to select a squad by pressing it’s hotkey to even find out if it exists.

  4. Ben Stokley :

    I just happened upon you website while looking for RTS development tips and your series on the subject was beyond useful. I was hoping that it might be continued at some point? Please and thank you :)

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