Sand in the Gears

February 25th, 2014, Cobalt, Cobalt Forum, Code Stuff

Here comes a community update:

Hi all!

Apparently a metalface has been marooned on a tiny island in the middle of nowhere. Surviving in harsh environments with no food or water is not an issue for cyborg metalfaces but how will it avoid succumbing to insanity? How can it trust what it sees with its own two eyes/light bulbs? How will it return to civilization? These questions needs to be answered! (Looking at you Fabio).

5 Responses to “Sand in the Gears”

  1. Xahtier :

    That was cool and interesting and all, but not exactly exciting. I hope to see more of this, but I was expecting a progress update or something. Instead I got this. xD

    That’s okay! Keep having fun; that’s really what matters!

  2. Janeator :

    Xahtier: Well this is not a progress update; “Here comes a community update:”
    The fact that you were “expecting somehting else” doesn’t make it less awesome!

  3. Trif :

    It’s by FabiotheTurtle from the community, not Oxeye.

    There’ll be an Intel Report this Friday, but I’ve been ill for a week and have a lot of school stuff to tend to, so it’ll probably be a bit less exciting than the standard :p.
    That’s how it’s going to be though – sometimes I’ll have a ton of time and material, sometimes I won’t.

  4. Xahtier :

    I’m just glad things are moving around on the blog lately! The blod was a ghost town for quite some time, but now at least there are posts here! :D

  5. FabiotheTurtle :

    Thank you!
    More are on the way, of course!

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