Warp Successful!

August 15th, 2010, News

You are now reading our blog from our new fancy hosted VPS! Blog comments and our forum should be up and running again, but please let us know if something is amiss.


The main reason for the move was that our previous host updated PHP to a version that broke our wiki, and they weren’t interested in doing a rollback just for us. We felt that it was time we took our destiny in our own hands, and lo and behold: the wiki is working again! :) (As an unfunny note, at our previous host we weren’t able to use the wiki, but spambots could still create spam accounts… Been cleaning that up now, though.)

/ jeb

(Picture source: http://www.basicallybenita.com/?m=200907)

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  1. admin :

    Test! =)

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