When Darkness Surrounds Us

September 14th, 2010, Cobalt, GDC, Indie Life

Our little fellow Blueface has been a little low lately. All alone and working every day… Summer has been cold too, and all we’ve got is the grim darkness of the Swedish winter to look forward to.

But then, from beautiful California, there shines a light at the end of the tunnel! Spelunky and Meat Boy are hanging out and seem to have a great time. Blueface just had to send a big…

Hello!!! Be seeing you at GDC ‘11!

2 Responses to “When Darkness Surrounds Us”

  1. admin :

    He/she might not be the prettiest cyborg in town, but damn it if it isn’t the most charismatic!!


  2. Ulbri :

    This looks awesome! Hope there will be a linux port one day, or at least that it would be playable with WINE ><

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